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Yeah way more baseball of course no it's going to happen one day why would it be focused on that trying to help this team win okay dude sorry i just thought it's kind of cool that you and three other guys yeah pretty awesome sorry enjoy the game sorry folks main ramsden coordinator wade phillips you join us next marcellus at travis espn oleg all right as promised yes i knew you'd be fav i'm excited about this as right wade phillips defensive coordinator for the los angeles rams join us right now thanks for coming on hey ben goats hey i'm doing well thanks well yes you are doing well look all vo was going to say players this off season that were acquired obviously you guys address needs and i guess we should just start in the secondary when you talk about a key to leave marcus peters how they plug into your system and what it allows your defense to do well they obviously outstanding players that position so gives you still do a lot of things you don't have to double certain receivers you know i mean that that gives you a lot more choices what what you play defensively when you you know you don't have you're going to have if you have corners that can't you know can't cover man to man well enough or or get out class you you you lose the chance to to do some other things with other people but you know you can put those guys one on one with anybody and they you know they're they're all their own actually have play him right wade phillips is our guest in weight obviously you know there's the season ends and you're thinking you know gotta make a tweak here there are we gotta make we got improve here we've got to get better there but in your wildest dreams did you think that by the time the season ended to where we are right now that the defense would have this many additions and this many high level editions in one offseason.

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