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Euclid financial services is looking for. Qualified financial advisers for our team if you, thrive in a fast, paced, environment, call, four zero one seven two seven twenty seven twenty-seven ideal. Candidate will have a college degree outstanding communication skills have a track, record of excellence and financial sales and possesses licenses and health and light as well as a series sixty five, to, apply, call, four, zero, one, seven, two, seven two seven two seven four seven resumes and cover letters. To advise at Euclid dot com that's a d. v. i. SE at Euclid f s dot com It was a Saturday morning, I'm, checking, my, accounts, drinking, my, coffee, and, then that little voice in my head what on earth are. You doing why are you trying to be your own financial advisor The financial. Business got too much money at stake, to do this by yourself too many people. Are counting on you sometimes gotta? Listen to those voices Swami the call called up Josh Monday Josh just to to us Came in with my numbers, portfolio basically everything and, he, said put that away We didn't talk about what we, talked about, what kept me, up at night What Karen was when we. Retire I don't. Wanna let her down we've talked about it. For years now here it is We're. Not ready to retire ready to be ready let's talk Euclid financial services. One seven two seven twenty twenty-seven. That's one seven two seven twenty. Seven twenty seven will visit Euclid f.. S. dot com Back. To the retirement. Factory with Josh wells Jason the Republican wells and Manny the money matters Welcome. Back New England you are listening. Or time at factory brought to you by. Euclid financial services New England's go, to,.

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