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That goes over your head. You'll know that I'm listening to every step of the way yesterday. We played this a clip of Brian. Brian stelter and some guy who claims to be a cult expert saying that Donald Trump was an evil cult and we know he's an evil cult because he keeps repeating emotionally charged Words words to people so that they won't actually think about what they're saying and Shannon bream over at Fox News found some of these videos of people doing that of these evil cult a repeating these words over and over again so you don't think too much. It is almost like a dear leader of a cult of personality cultish devotion ORB job code the destructive call you say the president is using mind control become a cult view yourself in a Colt Colt. It is frightening to hear a call tech spurt. Say That you see all these signs right now. Today in American politics it's terrifying. It's the press. The media really has become left-wing Calcio I. I've often compared to the last seen in singing in the rain. If you've never seen singing in the rain one of the greatest movies ever made Probably one of the top ten movies at least ever made. It's it's about the advent of sound in the movies right and there's this evil movie star. Who has a lousy voice and so they start to dub end? She's displayed by Jean Hagen. And they start to dub in Debbie Reynolds voice and so everybody thinks he has this beautiful voice. Because it's Debbie Reynolds voice so one day to get back at her. They put order onstage with Debbie Reynolds behind the curtain singing. While Jean Hagen is pretending to sing out in front and then the heroes get together and they lift the curtain so the audience is looking at the fact that she's a fake AAC and I always think of this when I think about the press because this is what happened since the advent of the Internet the press has been the Democrats talking. That's all it's been. It's just Democrats giving can you Democrat News for Democrats from Democrats and now the curtain has been opened through the Internet and she doesn't know she hasn't looked the press hasn't looked behind to see like. Oh Oh we see them. We see who they are. I mean never ever. Has it been so obvious as when Adam Schiff was buried in the cellar of the Capitol building taking secret testimony that we couldn't hear and then leaking Democrat leaks to the press which the Democrat press within Send US telling us what a bombshell shell it was. The walls were closing in the end was near the beginning of the end of the trump administration and none of it. None of it has worked and the thing is because they are in the cult. They think we're in the cult but they're the ones who are in the cult. They don't know it's not working and it is just an amazing thing. All you have to do is think logically from Donald Trump I'll gave one of his rallies at one of those rallies. I think Florida he was kind of Sticking it to New York because he left he moved from New York They were like good riddance in always good to say good riddance to your job. Creating Billionaires so he left and he he gave one of his rallies in Florida. Where he's now living where he's now? I guess we're resident and I wanted to play. Cut Number one where he talks about what we're giving. Thanks for this Thanksgiving but Americans have so much to be thankful for. The economy is is booming. Wages are rising crime is falling. Poverty is plummeting. Confidence and America is stronger than ever before. I'M DONALD TRUMP and I approve this message and what that's his message. That's his measures totally valid. Even call it a cult all you want but everything you just said absolutely true. And what's the left's message you cray but but but you say something about the Ukraine. Does anybody know where Ukraine is. It's like what are they talking about. He's done he's built the economy up. He's replaced I. I left wing judges with constitutional judges. He's rebuilt the military. He's gotten us out of entangling relationships he's got A. He's on the verge. Urged says of a new deal with China will have to see China. Loves to have these deals. Bring them right up to the edge and then pull away from them. So they can get last-minute concessions we'll see what what are they talking about. They are talking about Ukraine. I mean who cares. Who cares what happened? When trump was talking talking to the president of Ukraine? In very fact remember I told you this the day. We had a daily wire backstage and I said to the guys guys this garbage. Nobody cares cares. It's not just that nobody cares. It's like it's literally garbage. It's like he did nothing wrong. We'll get to that in a minute. But trump is celebrating the fact that the people you know they keep these bulls fifty percent of the people want the president removed in a pig shy. I mean come on come on. They cannot believe that Democrats want the president removed because because they always want the president removed. If those polls are anywhere near the truth I will eat whatever I use for a hat. So so trump is goes on in his speech talk about to compare his accomplishments with what the left is doing this Cup to the radical left Democrats are trying to rip our nation apart mark. I it was the Russia hoax turtle hoax it was a failed overthrow attempt and the biggest fraud in the history of our country. And then you look The Muller deal you remember that mess. They had nothing to years. They spent forty five five million dollars and the real cost is many times that number and now the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment. This impeachment impeachment a witch on the same as before and they're pushing the impeachment witch hunt and a lot of bad things happening to them mm-hmm because you see what's happening in the everybody said that's really A. He sounds pretty confident to me. I'm sure look. There's twenty thousand people in that stadium. Still packing them in you know and it is. It's just it's absurd it's absurd that is what the Left Elizabeth Warren is plummeting in the polls she has. Just look at Zeke bones. I mean look at her cheapen. She's he's dropping like a rock and why why is she dropping now. She's dropping because she released the details of her plans as long as you talk like Bernie Sanders. I I happen to believe that everybody deserves everything for free. As long as you're talking nonsense and gap GOBBLEDYGOOK. The left will go along. Yeah that's yard. They weren't they would do everything to freeze good followed that that's the Luckil- do but the minute you say. Here's my plan. That like highly how we do. That's all we're going to bankrupt and then you're gonNA take my money away and I won't be as happy as I was before the minute you tell them the details you'll lose them. Where trump stuff works they they gotta just play one more clip of for just just just show you how confident the guy has yesterday? I think it was. He did that thing. They do every year where they pardon the Thanksgiving Turkey. Give a presidential presidential. Pardon the Thanksgiving Turkey Turkey's bread and butter and he was out in the White House lawn talking about it. Thankfully bread and butter have been specially raised by the Jacksons to remain calm under any condition which will be very important because they've already received subpoenas to appear in Adam shifts basement on Thursday. Hundreds of people have it seems the Democrats crats are accusing me of being too soft on Turkey. But bread-and-butter I should note that unlike previous previous witnesses you and I have actually met Terry unusual pretty good material and it just confident president who. I know that these bullets have bounced right off. In spite of we'll talk about what this means in just a second but first let us talk about Helix mattresses because those of you weaklings leans who sleep at night. You WanNA comfortable mattress. That is really going to make you sleep. Well is going to give you a solid night's sleep but for those mighty men like me who just lie awake. I I WANNA comfortable mattress so I can sit there and think about the the great thoughts Of My time. helixsleep what they do. Is.

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