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But yeah. I think it's been interesting. I think it should be a classic. I wish that they've had gotten a little bit more time on television to sell this story and bring up is what's next for them especially post roster shakeup. Are you trying to position edge to be a fresh challenger for bobby lashley are you gonna save edge for a rematch against like roman reigns at the rumble or something. That a little something to the undercard to speak at the rumble. Or are you going to reunite him with randy. Horton is you know. have have that pairing comeback. Because you know that sort of thing with randy and thing with edge that you could have some fun with post riddle being elevated by being with randy riddle rejuvenating randy's character to degree to which we'll get to that in a minute Sets positioning him to be a future mcintyre if drew becomes champion again or are you trying to build him up for whom for what top baby face what what is there for and if you think well there's more we need to do with edge and he's going to be in world title matches or top feuds and you know you put edge over but if you think you need to build up south because you've got this like six months victory for him in wrestlemainia. Then you have the seth over. I think it's sort of in that sense like the finish isn't based on where we are today but the available dates in the matches that they're having mind for each wrestler and the finish. Saturday might give us a window into who's in for a bigger push of edge is going to be. I don't say move down but sort of moved over to something like teaming with randy again just throwing that out. There is a random thing that they could do where it's not a wins and losses. Don't really matter anymore. Knows more about the dynamic between them whereas if you wanna push a challenger to lashley well you need to win. I mean he's got a pizza. Yeah unless you're continuing on with edge and set unless asian. Seth is actually. That's a good point because it really is large. If you're gonna do two or three matches between these guys right then finish. Saturday doesn't really matter if they have a rematch is as you said. Absolutely the saturdays doesn't necessarily the defining factor it's when the feud ends how they looked and how they've been positioned. Yep and i think he had the mind. The extreme rules is the next pay per view. An odd are you gotta have some like rematches with stipulations is what that pay per view is all about so i feel like out of all the matches on the show this one and maybe the united states championship match. Those are the ones that will scream at me as the tential rematch with step matches very much. We're about to go to another commercial break. Why are you listening to commercial breaks. Why deal with these interruptions when you can become a vip member support the weight. Keller pro wrestling podcasts. Wade keller progressing post shows the torch daily casts and the.

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