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Else. Listen now and going to a fox news podcasts dot com. Well, President Biden works to undo Trump policies. He's also got his mind on gun control. The president said his White House quote won't wait for the next mass shooting to address gun violence. The declaration coming three years to the day after 14 students and three staff members that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Were killed by a lone gunman. In his statement, the president paid tribute to the 17 victims and their families who be said turned grief to purpose in quest of change. Biden called on Congress to craft gun reform measures to include background checks on all gun sales, banning multi round magazines and lifting immunity for gun makers that ad toe weapons on the streets. Colonel Scott Fox News. Congress is off for the most part this week, but work will continue on that covered financial relief plan as the number of new coronavirus cases reported in the US yesterday. On 64,000 was the fewest since October. 25th. NASA may still need Russia after all, even with space six now able to launch US astronauts for nearly a decade, NASA paid hefty prices to Russia's roast cosmos for seats for US astronauts to fly up and down to the international space station. Board. So use spacecrafts. It was done to secure American's presence in space following the retirement of the space shuttle fleet and before companies like Space X and Boeing could ramp up their commercial space flights. Space X has been flying in Boeing is ready for its first test flight. But NASA is reportedly looking to Russia to buy seats again, according to space flight. Now mess is trying to ensure space access in the case of any delays on the part of US commercial providers. Evan Brown Fox News. It's President's Day a federal holiday. That'll have the stock market closed. No trading.

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