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Increase Wednesday and Thursday, which might be a more true test of what the rest of the closure will look like at the transportation management center in shoreline. Ryan Harris, KOMO news. Neighbors have been stunned by the discovery of three bodies inside to Semaj home. Komo's Joel Moreno says investigators are calling it a murder suicide along southeast forty second place. Cla Hani the medical examiner arrived and sheriff's investigators piece together evidence neighbors tried to make sense of a shocking crime that happened just a few doors from their own homes concern, I I I kinda surprised this is crazy to hear. This deputies initially showed up after relatives called from out of state saying they couldn't reach their family members wanted a welfare check the first units on scene had to force their way into the home when no one answered the door. But once inside the deputies found elderly, male and female, they were both. Deceased in a about a thirty year old male also deceased from gunshot wounds. They also saw gun in the home, which they believe is the murder weapon at this point. Investigators say it's not clear, which family member killed the others. That's komo's Joel Moreno some people in seatac say they're disappointed in the city council's replacement of former councilmember Amina Ahmed Ahmed died unexpectedly in December in a car crash. Just seven weeks after she joined the council on Monday. The seatac city council chose Stanley tombs replacement. He's the current vice chair of the seatac planning commission. Some residents believe the choice was rushed. And they're disappointed that the community wasn't involved in that decision. Oregon's two senators urging the head of the US food and Drug administration to update federal regulations that would permit interstate commerce of food products containing key non psychoactive ingredient of cannabis the appeal by senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley on Tuesday came three weeks after congress legalized the production sale of industrial hemp. And hemp derivatives, including CBD, researchers say one of the two whales their dangerously thin may have improved slightly K twenty-five responded over the weekend. The center for whale research says the orca didn't look healthy, but his condition at least didn't appear any worse. Earlier this month. Researchers said Kay twenty-five and another well from the L pod might not survive. Malysz more help for federal employees who aren't getting paid specifically for their pets. Amanda Anderson with Seattle humane society says fifteen locations in King County are open for federal workers to come and pick up petfood including a north bend. Fall city Bellevue. Kent Seattle, Maxine frost, KOMO news. Now an update from the Harley exteriors. Komo sports desk the Seahawks of editor run stop or to their defense lineman. Jamie matter played in Cleveland in two thousand seventeen but didn't play last season due to an ankle injury. The Seahawks have signed to a reserve futures contract. And that means he will be added to the roster in March matters twenty-seven played his college football at division to Ashland university in Ohio in a week. We will know if Edgar Martinez will be headed for enshrinement and baseball's hall of fame in Cooperstown. New York it'll be the tenth and final year of eligibility for your to be voted in U dub, women's soccer coach, Leslie Gallimore has announced that two thousand nineteen with the huskies will be her last during a twenty five year tenure and U dub huskies have appeared in the NC double A tournament fourteen times and.

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