FOX, Russia, Hillary Clinton discussed on Battle Lines


Thank you for having me i think that it was a fair report i think it made some fair observations komi totally violated procedures as the said i just would take issue we all saw trump this morning on fox and friends remarkable walkout to the media and for him to say that it showed that there was no collusion no nothing i had nothing to do with his russia's investigation when the i g talked about the investigation of hillary's emails in fact the i g made the point that one of the mistakes komi made was the bias of only doing talking about hillary's emails and not talking about the russia investigation which impacted the other side just as much that was one of the things that the i g said that's getting very little play i think some would say that one wasn't brought up all the other was was because hillary clinton had already been an ongoing indepth exercise as from these from these documents recently released you know supposedly the investigation was launched against trump and his campaign or lhasa wing him in or incorporating amen or tangling his campaign about the russia probe as of july thirty first although we look at stephan helpers involvement perhaps some months earlier in the year but if the official kickoff wasn't till july thirty first then there would have been very very little parody to reference in other words the idea oh if you've already been having all this conversation about hillary you should have also had some about trump dino tailor your connotation there wasn't at the time anyway as much of an investigation to discuss but i'll i'll let others make that determination my question to you here is this we've got horowitz who recognizes in his report that there were quote unquote improper considerations embarked upon by both fbi doj personnel his words he recognizes that there was political bias expressed in these texts he also recognizes that quote the conduct by these employee's cast a cloud over the entire investigation but he still says that it didn't have an impact on the investigation so i'm gonna ask you what i've asked my other guest bob how can we sever their openly acknowledged by sentiments from the results of their investigations given that the.

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