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Of injuries in their victory yesterday in New York over the New York Jets, 31 13 was the final years Calc and and just talking about the mood in the locker room with all these injuries after the ballgame. The impact you a lot. I mean, there's a lot of some was a number of players with, um some bad injuries, which always does some some key players with some bad injuries, which makes it always a little bit harder. Um, I think the guy's a real pumped about the wind and it was huge to get that and I think we played our ass is off. But that was a real good game. Yeah. 40 Niners to get to win 31 13, But we'll find out more about the injury situation today. It's expected that Nick Bosa has a thorn HCL sort of the word is out right now on Solomon Thomas, and we should get a little more clarity on Jimmy Garoppolo Thie Giants did win yesterday. A blowout win over the A's in Oakland will be back in action tonight in San Francisco against the Colorado Rockies. Herman Marquez on the hill for Colorado. Those your half past headlines now back to Murphy. 33 yard line. Donald under center Fred Water comes out of a cab plates. Frank Gore swerves around that there is smartly and able to take it inside the 30 Tim for a gain of four more. Yeah, everybody talks about Frank or great power Runner certainly inside, but his vision is what gets it going close it down what it looks like to be an injury. For the 40. Niners star. Russia may be tramping up Tightening up 40 Niners already without George Little, Richard Sherman, D. Ford and Devo Samuel Jimmy Garoppolo with an ankle sprain. Get out. Nick Bosa is down. That looks like more than a cramped unfortunately six and I have to play in the opening quarter time out on the field for MetLife Stadium. All the players are taking India's Bosa.

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