Luxury Life In Prison; Steamy Starbucks Sue; Lack Of Emergency Training


Zero, one, five, three or four, and then occasionally we have lines people not calling in and here's the problem with a call in show. Caller driven shows. You need calls. I. It's really difficult to do a show where you don't. We don't have calls. There's a friend of mine and just a quick aside very very. Famous talk show host. who had been fired from KFI and he ended up moving to Ventura. And it was midnight to six am overnight call in show. Well, I mean how many people in Ventura number one or listening number two are going to call and so he? Called himself, he made up his own phone calls and that's how he develops characters and I won't be doing that because you're gonNA call in right or you're going to be listening to Jerry Lewis singing, you'll never walk alone you take your choice eight, hundred, five, two, zero, one, five, three, four this is handle on the law marginal legal advice where I tell you, you have absolutely no case. We Now know where actress Laurie Laughlin is going to be serving her prison sentence. What a lot of people don't know is that when someone goes to prison with the white collar crime kind of thing, and this was white collar, it's not as if she embezzled money from an organization or health someone up or burglarized the home or even worse on a violent. Violent felony this was white collar financial crime. And White Collar where it was people specifically weren't ripped off in this all you could argue is there were students that would have gotten in to USC but for her daughter getting that spot and Laurie Lachlan paid a half a million dollars with her husband get in so she got tagged. Along with everybody else everybody else pled and she ended up with two months in prison. You can ask the judge for a prison near you for family members close. So they can visit there's a whole bunch of. Different prisons around the country. One of the best ones is Victorville. Which is near Los. Angeles couple of hour drive hour and a half drive maybe. and. Here's how it works. Federal prisons like that are called club fed four a reason most of them are open campuses you can walk right off if you want no one's crazy enough to walk right off because if you walk right off, that's a prison escape and now you're ending up but at least a meet a medium security prison, which is fun. Here you have dormitories two and four person cubicles. With a common room. Job Positions involved driving working in food services. You can do plumbing painting grounds keeping education also. The institution has an auto parts. Warehouse. Employing, three dozen female INVA- inmates providing inventory services for the facility.

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