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For me, but I mean, The river fire approaching the Carmel Valley Carmel Valley Road. I'm Stuart. Thank you. Stewart is not loading for me. But I'm seeing of the Lake Berryessa Fire images are just chilling. I don't know That's the only word that comes to mind. You know, I'd be so much smoke in that eerie glow in this texture from the faraway says Ah. Cal Fire has taken over the Byron Airport, just a small airport. But there's they're doing some aerial coverage of the fires there, so at least they get some help from the sky at that time. Yeah. So will continue to get your texts. I'm trying to shift through them and passion alone. I love all of them, actually, but some of them are Are longer than others. You can reach us at for 15 80 88 10. We've kind of put politics aside. We put some of the typical, You know Mother's milk of the show to the side for now, because this is a breaking news situation and Fire smoke evacuations. They really are the thing that we need to focus on. Um I'm just looking at one or two other things driving in Pacifica. This is from 650 Shot six Follow. Actually, just after sunrise. I saw the strangest clouds ever. I realized they were Mile long streams of smoke, not clouds at all. Yeah, Those aerial shots are just mind blowing of so many columns of smoke that I mean, in some cases, it looks like a bomb has gone off. And here's one sort of politics of the 707 shutout. If the cops all cells, a military equipment, we might be able to stop the wildfire epidemic. No, I don't think so. I'll put it another way. Look I have with you on the military equipment. It's you know, you know how I feel about that. But you could sell all the military equipment and it's not going to stop. This epidemic of fires. I mean, this is a This is a problem It doesn't have to do with with spending purely anyway. It has to do with climate environment and changes in the planet. And as my partner just mentioned, I thought it was really a good point. I mean, he blew by it because it was in the middle of a bunch of other stuff he was updating, but that You know that urban interface is going to be a broader and broader area. In other words, they're regions that air populace regions that are encroaching on land. That Didn't have people in it for years. So the sprawl, the more it encroaches, And then the more you have these other components of the climate changing, drier, hotter, etcetera. You. Ah, you end up with fires in much greater numbers, and they burn much hotter and over much bigger areas and now because of all those people living there Many more people are threatened, and structures are threatened. 415 80 88 10 as we continue on kgo. To say the stock market has been like a roller coaster lately is an understatement. And if you feel like you've done to the bullet now that the market is on an upswing, think again. O'Donnell Financial Group is in business for times like these, and especially for those nearing or in retirement. We help our client's reduced their risk from market declines by focusing on asset protection, steady income and ultimately providing a desired quality of life in retirement, so If you feel more confident about another substantial decline in the.

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