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Shitty situation for theon gets dip off comes back to winter fell starts giving him the is. Yeah, he's got. No, dick. Let's very he literally left. She was too young comes back. She's like, oh your hot theon. And he's like well about that. I actually got my dick cut off like four thousand do those up on the roof. The he was with Sansa. He said he he would defend her iron born. Okay. He came back. He's got. No, dick, dick, that's tough break. The balls. Oh, right now, I don't think he got everything cut off so Paul's, but he literally came back. She with his. Hottest chicken winter fell wants to suck it. Scissor sessions scissor with the balls. If you do grey worm did, well, if he's smart he takes it all the way, you know, what I mean like he sees if like they like, oh, I could've had her like don't tell her that. You don't have a dick until the last possible. Second. Yes. Fuck shit. You know, what I got my dick would you know, what let me go back and you get my do. You wanna take me? Instead. That's our show. We'll see everyone's trafficked big draft show coming on Wednesday to get you ready for the NFL draft too. Big time guests coming up one hall, famers hall, favors hall of fame, pumpkin pie eaters. Let me guess. It's pardon. My take presented by bar stool sports..

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