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As we make our way the two o'clock hour he Eaton's is fine. No issues on the APB on Kennedy abound. Still pretty heavy, though 27 0 hare into the Jane Byrne 17 off the Edens Up on ICQ 62 Men of 29 23 90 about a slight delay hitting the Jane Byrne 33 from 3 90 20 from Mannheim. Stevenson out building Per usual though, David a sister of sorts, 16, they're 26 to the tri state 36 to 3 55 inbound, heavy approaching the ramp to the inbound Dan Ryan. It's ongoing roadwork got one lane on the ramp and that will be in place. Unfortunately, until next summer. 55 heavy through the ongoing roadwork zone in and out from Arsenal up on Ryan 20 inbound on the Dan Ryan 26 37 out by the 18 minutes, but no inbound delays looking great on the Bishop Ford Easy foryou, Lakeshore Drive Old North and South and not one of your tollways seen any kind of brake lights so far this afternoon delay free ride on 80 80 94 94 65 in the Tower Road. But we've got issues in Wheaton Roosevelt Road has finally been reopened just west of Warrenville Road. This was for the better part of three hours after an earlier investigation involving a crash. Actually that involved a cyclist so that has concluded lines have been reopened. Traffic or 2 18. He's ready of 7 80 in one of 5.9 FM sunshine throughout your day. Really nice one high of 75 Basically where we are now tomorrow, even warmer with a high of 80 degrees right now. 73 at O'Hare and Midway 70 downtown on the markets, the Dow down 690 points, the NASDAQ Down 114 and the S and P is down 64 points. A barber, who has been in business for years may have to close up shop all because of the pandemic. That and more news just 60 seconds away. It's too tense thinking about life insurance. Did you know? In just a few minutes? You can find the best price from up to 10 price competitive companies for free. You can with select quote, for example, George is 39.

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