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I wanted to see like Leonardo the Cavallo and he was like what they were smoking saying and Kate Moss was like and they were just like get out there. I know what I mean and like who knows. I don't think that there's like I don't know that celebrity. Click is like right now. Let's everyone to celebrity. I guess at Oh you know what it is. Maybe I mean this. This is a theory it. Could it could be wrong. Folks just not exclusive anymore. There's zero exclusively everything is tracked and traced in and documented and and yeah and also leads to different behavior when you know like like you know what I mean like there is no. There is no uncertainty when you walk into the V._I._p.. Metal Right now nineteen eighty-seven same shit like yeah. Everything has to be softer right like that's just the punchline like that's good. That's good in some ways and not I mean you know. It's the same thing like you're. You're you know the the hip hop game is definitely different. Dude like it's just definitely different like I grew up listening to gnaws en route sang and mob deep and black moon and like that check how good is black moon probably one of the best albums of all time digging it I think so but like I mean my hip hop interest. I like when I work out. I listened to all the new shit but like when I'm at home listening to hip hop my interest stopped after like ninety six. That's what happens. It's the same reason that there's some seventy year olds only listening to fuck in the rolling stones like <hes> that's the game I don't know man. I think that there's I promise you that's the game you think it's over there yeah but listen dude like the whole entire. The the sound changed drastic everything changes..

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