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So I have to tell you to funny cultural experiences I had over the weekend because they actually speak to something that's going on. That is really sad and hilarious at the same time. Which is right. My sweet spot. Yet yesterday, Saturday Saturday night, my wife, and I went to the Getty museum, which is a beautiful beautiful museum. And it's open late at night on Saturdays. Which is just great because the crowds are a little less than you can go and see their exhibits and have a nice dinner, and it really is a lovely lovely place. Nothing. I say about it. I don't want to take away from that. But they're exhibit called the renaissance nude. Which is you know, the the discovery of how you make the rediscovery I should say of how you put trae a human body in art, right? The Greeks did it so beautifully in their statutes, the Romans conquered copied, the Greeks, and then as room collapsed, you can watch you can watch the depictions of the body decay. And then you can see their skill disappears. In the terrible thing about a civilization indicate as doesn't know it's indicate it doesn't even say the people like, you know, who say, well, you know, they used to be able to make a better statue than that. Or just the old coots not aren't in with the modern cry. Dummy statuary. And so with the renaissance. They've rediscovered these statues. They rediscovered the human body, and they started to portray the nudes. And a lot of these news. They started out because it was a Christian culture. They started out with men doing Jesus with, you know, his drapery over his his midsection and was loans as they would say, and but also they started doing women, and those kind of sexy and some of those were made for rich male patrons wanted a picture of a sexy girl. And so they would take a biblical story, you know, about Bethsheba in her bath. And they would do this kind of very sexy nude portrait of a beautiful woman is these became better. And better they became more and more attractive list to I put on those head that headset thing where you can go on tour, and they had people from the museum talking about the different artwork. You would go to the press the button, and it would describe your. So the guy who have I don't know. He was he was one of the museum people. Is saying this is a tremendously erotic painting. I very much enjoy it just the smooth lines of a soft flash. And a light this of how breasts and you collect dude got that. And then you get the woman and she comes on. She says we have to remember that it's problematical that these were men made by men for men and the power dynamic is problematic feminist garbage. I was thinking was another words another words. The fact that men like to look at naked Dame's created some of the greatest work that humankind has ever produced, but feminism has created the ability to complain about it. That's what you get a little bit of erotic desire in men creates great art, and then the women complained that becomes like an artistic movement, and I bring this up because it is so much of the critical facility. So so much of the critical speech. I've always talked to the right? About the fact that we not only need to make movies and write books and start magazines and get involved in the culture. We also need to create the infrastructure for culture that brings praise to people who do things that are good who do things that not just are beautiful but also beautiful and elevate humankind. It can be even something that looks degrading like this sopranos which actually does elevate humankind by its wisdom and insight into the human condition or it can be something. That's just immediately beautiful like Bach the music of Bach. But the point is we have no infrastructure to do that they can praise and damp. So this movie came out moving. Movie came out called widows, and I went out to see it immediately because it was co written the screenplay was written by Gillian Flynn, who I like she wrote gone girl, and I've read all of her books,.

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