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Join us from the Fox Business Channel. The campaign money has gotten interesting. A Zalisko Stylianos thie political analyst told us the president now heading over to the economy is maybe his top issues. So, ah lot to discuss with comic Shane and then it's 7 50. Tim Healy will join us. He's the Newsday, Mets beat writer And as you've heard, the Mets sale has now been agreed upon between Steve Cone and the Mets organization, The Wilpons and the Cats is and now it's up for approval. For all the other owners in the Tim has some of the details and what money is involved, and I want to ask me about S and why's that involved it all Anyway, that's coming up. It's 7 50 gnomes ever take any music lessons like the I mean, it's guitar as a kid and wasn't very good at it. But I'm doing trumpet and I was not very good either. Really? Why'd you pick Trump? You know who knows what my 10 year old mind was thinking? But I was. Yeah, I gave it up pretty quickly. Joe Barlow doesn't strike me as a music guy. I don't know what I never had. Natalie any music lessons? Oh, I played the clarinet. And I played the piano. Yeah, we're good. Absolutely horrible at both Know something, and I have an uber talented brother. You know, musicians, You know, they thought there was hope for me. And there was none. We had music teachers. Tell my parents give it up. I had the same problem. I have a brother. You know, my brother once in music and art high school? Yeah, to get in on. Ah, music. You had a play to instruments and he played the piano and the violin very well. So he had to, and I tried the C chord. The D chord. The F chord on guitar. I could play Michael Row your boat ashore. That was about it. My brother played the French horn, the keyboard and any other Instrument he picked up. So that's why you though you were the pom pom girl for the high school. I was a twirler. Different swirl, er difference. Baton is much you need much more talent than to Pa Pom. Sorry about that. She could twirl orbit. Todd. I could provide a top, but I was never in a parade. Here's uh, So anyway, we asked our ago. Who is this guy on guitar?.

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