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Can hear me up oh yeah here you finds for thank you great great what appreciate you take a my call yeah i i have been using a i phone three this is actually my second one the first one no broke down it you know the barry went dead now pull and i knew one for like eighty bucks i thought that was a good but i'm still used in the three yes then did it basically does everything i needed to do obviously i cannot download third naps and we all know but what i'm thinking about now it's one i bitch you have to upgrade which will probably be in the next year so yeah you're going to win a grand sitton and later right right and i'm i'm really concerned about security i mean apples been great with security i've been really never at a problem i've had a few issues with tony paxton things like that but i've never really had they need major him out where on on if someone okay not to say it couldn't happen so i mean i just thought i would pose a question do you because i have been a curious about some of the other devices you know they android and a lot of and they looked really sweet and in this and then you sam son galaxy is a beautiful fall winner really it has and then the galaxy eight that's was be here in the spring that's you know it's gorgeous so i can see you know and i i haven't iphone and i you know i look at it numb like you know if i was so tied to the whole apple ecosystem you know i would i would think about switching to right right i saw and the other day to lose right google the pick yes but so so you mention security so are you worry in bed maybe.

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