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Lot of meetings. He knows how all this stuff works. Let's see if we can figure it out. Ed Rollins, how you doing? I'm doing very well. Thank you. So let's say you were going to leave Afghanistan. I would think. Get all the civilians out first. Have the military leave last. How does it get botched up? What happens in the room? Don't these general even even Well, Even Jim Jones, who is the national Security advisor, General Jones under President Barack Obama, who said this is very painful to watch. Uh he said we normally do is we get the civilians and families out. Then you get the U. S government personnel that's required the last people reviews generally, the military Providing the security if they want the evacuation. We did this just the opposite. Those are his words. I totally agree with them. The bottom line with Biden is buying has always thought he's the smartest guy in the world as it hasn't ever been. He he talked about on the campaign of creating a foreign policy for the middle class. The greater focus on how actions of bridal effective records at home that is not with foreign policies. Foreign policies text the United States' interest protect us domestically. This was a complicated issue that he's reversed a lot of what what Trump did. He's had six months to prepare for this, uh, we knew. Certainly he always talked about getting out of there. So you'd think it had a plan. There's no plan. The first thing he did is he cut off the electricity for the biggest air base there. Without warning, the Afghan army and the commander who's coming in there they were leaving. We're cutting and running. Uh, you know, it's it's sort of. And the one thing the United States can do very well as we can get. We can start wars. We just can't end. The lessons are don't go anywhere without a plan to get home safely. And he clearly doesn't didn't have that. So you know, he can blame it on Trump. You can blame it on anybody who wants to blame it on. But the bottom line is this is his responsibility. This is his military. This is his government today, and and he's always had this policy of on the smartest got I can walk in, and I'm such a big personality. I can deal with anybody. Well, obviously you can't and this is a disaster and the long term consequences to this both among our allies and ask the American people. So our enemies China, Russia, Iran watching this, uh, seeing this kind of weakness, seeing this kind of inept military leaders, What are they going to do? Are they going to try to do something? That judgment will be the same as yours and mine, which is which were too weak. And don't forget Pakistan, the most unsafe country in the world that has basically been But a lot of these these terrorists survive there and an immediate neighborhood, so they're one of the biggest benefit. Plus we left them all the weapons. We left billions of dollars worth of weapons. Uh, we didn't think about destroying, we can think about putting on the old air bases. And destroying them. There was no plan. We just basically, here's the keys. Here's the keys to the planes and tanks and what have you and we're gone. So I would say to you, Afghanistan is Extremely dangerous today, Uh, not just to the people that are going to be punished by having to have a relationship with us, but as as oral power We basically have shown that we're not oil power anymore. We've shown great weakness, and I went on a weak country with the best military in the world. We just don't look at pipe. Hey, Ed Rollins. You're an expert in optics in the White House, projecting the right image if you were there right now, I mean, what could the White House do now to clean up the image they have Well, I gotta get this thing done quick. I mean, First of all, the imagery has been terrible. I mean, bullet from I'm going to cut off my vacation to Delaware Beach and go to Camp David, and he sits around a conference table all by himself. Uh, for two days. Uh, you know, then, and that picture is like, okay, Okay. Was he listening to? He should've had his whole team there. Should have been listening. Uh, you know, my sense is he doesn't know what to do. He looks like a deer in the headlight and the people that he has around him the foreign policy arena, particularly the secretary of state, and what have you are people who have been his staffers forever, So it's not like they can walk in and say, Mr President, Look at this option. They know what he was What is about processes because they've helped him develop it over the years and I have to tell you blanket and others who on the shows this weekend. Looked like deers in the headlights. I mean, they just had no concept gave no confidence. Uh And so I think the search extent are are are are non allies that the world basically sees us as weak. Russia, Pakistan. China, uh, certainly have to be enhanced by this experience and certainly detrimental to us. And I think we've also damaged extraordinary military. Yeah, It's better if you have one dumb guy, but Millie Austin, Jake Sullivan blink and they all look like idiots. So what do you do? You can't fire all of them Kenya? No, but you can basically fire the president. You know, he may have to wait and they have to wait two or three years. Do it, But, uh, you know, and I think is dropping Polling numbers indicates that, uh He's not passing the big test and the more exposure he gets going on. Every time it was out there to say this is what we're going to do it. It's a different story, and it's not. It's not no well thought through. Getting pronounce the names of the people that he's he's going on. So I I think I think it's been as damaging any president. I've seen to that They have page to Kennedy and the Iran Contra to Reagan, huh? So, Yeah, it is. It is Vietnam. It is Vietnam all over again. I mean, it's the Saigon exit strategy, and it's and we still have. We still have the death squads and all the rest of it's going to come. It's it's like the story is not going to get better stories. Yeah. Carter looked pretty bad with those helicopters crashing in around. But it wasn't that year three of his presidency. This is in the first eight months. How could how do you keep going for three years? What could happen in three days to the oppression of this guy as a leader, which is obviously what you know. I mean, he got elected because it wasn't Trump and there was some defection among some former Trump supporters. At this point in time, as you see now and balls, Trump would beat them today. They made an election today again, Trump would beat him. But even more important, this President's on right You don't drop 8 10 points and then a week 10 days, plus everything he has ahead of him. He's got gigantic challenges ahead of on the Congress. He has his own infrastructure bill, which is okay. It's a trillion dollars its roots. But then he has Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Budget Committee, has $3.7 trillion social program. It's a social infrastructure. It's Clean air. It's all of us have stuff is so expensive and and certainly not proven that my Spence my sense is all he can do at this point time to spend money, spend my spend money we don't have, and I think, to a certain extent that does not project leadership. Well, that's pretty close to the important point. Ed Rollins runs Great America pac dot com, and what they're doing is trying to, uh, put the House the Senate back in the hands of Republicans in the midterms next year. So if you want to help its great America pac dot com, So what does all this mean? Will they will the Republicans take back the House and the Senate? Well, certainly we've we've gained immeasurably this week by the lack of the president's, uh, ability to lead so my senses was going to be very close to the Senate. The house we don't have any kind of making that happen. I would say today if the election again was next week, when, when both of them going away, I'm coming. This president can at this point in time. Convince the American public I've got the ideas I need to be the leader. I need the Congress to help me. Let me change subjects. Governor Cuomo is supposed to leave. We hope he does at midnight tonight. Does he have any political future?.

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