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We need some character. was there any fear or no, because the three of you were together? Did you just feel like invulnerable? Madonna context are two things are happening and remember. We talked with Rick about this. The thing is like we're going to go on stage and these girls look. See Madonna. Nobody's there to see us, so they're probably not gonNA like us. But. Hopefully they're not gonNA forget us. Yeah, yeah! Yeah, but we're GONNA. Make a name for ourselves. How can you get something out of this? Yeah, and then I do think there's this other thing that actually oddly I think back on it, because it served us well through our whole art of being banned from that beginning like opening up from Donna to whatever towards even the very end when York was ill I don't know how else to put. Put it, but it's like a group. Mentality is something about being in a group. We are always just looking to make the other two guys. Laugh I'm so grateful that we had that because that buffered us from. If any one of us were in alone, it'd be like Whoa. What is the rest of the world thinking me? We didn't really have to give a shit about that. Because what we care about so much more were the two. Two friends that we know where we are in it with Okay Rick Rubin. This was news to me. I thought I because I've always associated him with you guys I thought he was along for the entire ride. It was news to me that he was not after licensed ill. What can you say about? Obviously then you have no sense that he'll become rick. Rubin, but we're noticing some kind of genius. Oh. This guy is, he has some. Some something kind of special like it's really weird that you guys bumped into one of what became the biggest producers, and then also Spike Jones. You bump into and ends up directing her like there's a lot of you guys bumping into people who proved to be kind of the best in that field and I I'm always curious. If you had a sense of it in the moment, or it was later revealed to. We're taste makers is that? You could have been like scouts for baseball like you guys know how to fuck and find talent. That's for sure. Yeah. We're like moneyball for moneyball..

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