Tell me he's doing a Porsche. No, he's not doing a poor job is just that.


Last year. Begin right at that. Dude. Now Miami who Who's up to Oh, in Boston. Is probably sniffing around Milwaukee without Milwaukee, knowing they're trying to poach something that everybody would liketo have. They're going to get stronger. I know, By the way, maybe the heat will get even stronger. That sort of saying So. You start when you start looking in, you start Sandia. So time runs out right in Philadelphia. 76 is when they had J. J. Randy Kennon. Oh, we're going to do this, and then they get Jimmy Butler or we're going to do that. And Ben Simmons and indeed. Now the coaches fired because the expectations was so great. They didn't live up to him. Now People run out in sports patients. They just do they do game through the Siri's tomorrow night. And we'll see if the Celtics Khun cut it

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