Baker Mayfield playing often running game hitting those passes outside the pocket?


Well, don't do it. Damn Yankees. Why you feed me that, Matt, listen, What you're saying is true in the sense that no one cares about baseball on the national level anymore, But hold up your you'll get you tweet about hockey. Sometimes. What you tweet about the Islanders. You got the nerve to tell me. No one cares about the Yankees, and you're out there tweeting about the Islanders. May look, look here. I won't tell you what's gonna happen. Okay, Max. All right. Yeah, I know it's your show. But you're not going to be talking about my teams like that. I you know, we we would do with something. You know we were on the cost of the Stanley Cup finals. You know, congratulations to the Toby Lightning. They went out there and handle their business. But I'm proud. I'm proud of my island. His man. Yes, the Tampa Bay Rays. Oh, the lightning. I think they're playing Stanley Cup Finals right now. What's going on? Listen, Damien last night. I was not expecting much from Thursday night football because those are you know that four teams in the division of the two worst teams. That's that's the underclass of the NFC North. But I was pleasantly surprised. That was a really fun game to watch. And more than that there were interesting storylines. Let's start with Baker Mayfield. My evaluation is this. You tell me if I'm right or wrong. That was an NFL quarterback. I watched that was a starting quarterback. I watched. The question is, Was I watching a franchise quarterback? You can't tell that in one game, But if that's the way you play game in and game out, Yeah, I think that is a franchise quarterback. Your thoughts on Baker Mayfield. Well, hey, listen, there's a couple of things one he played against the defense absolutely stuck with the Cincinnati Bangles. But I will say this Is what I will say Max. I thought Um, I thought the play calling suited Baker may feel so much better so much better. Kevin Lansky. Destine chemist. Fancy that we saw Minnesota where they ran the ball the time they won't they rolled out her causes a lot took shots down the field. That's the way could the Cleveland Browns have set up the strength of their team? Is there the running back the running back the strength? Baker Mayfield playing often running game hitting those passes outside the pocket? To me. That's accentuating Baker may feel strength and Who does that? Give us two fancy. Hello. You've finally come to the party here and utilize your quarterback in the right way. Guy by the way as a tandem, you know, a lot is made of the skills position players on the Browns. But if your quarterbacks not elite, that means the wideouts won't be as useful. So you so you can have two Excellent wideouts as they do one really elite guy and another guy who is also very, very good as a number two. But and you can have some talented, tight end and all that stuff. But the runningback tandem to me is different. Damien, like when you have Karim Hunt and Nick Chubb. What tandem in the NFL or both. Guys are there where both guys have talent pitched like that Even with when Ingram was with was with Camara, I don't think Ingrams talent is pitched where Chubbs is quite the I don't know a better tend then those two Where did they rank in the NFL? They're the best the best tenement league and they both have different skill set. But you know the thing that that Makes them so dangerous is you Get nick troubles of £230 guy who can take it to the house at any time. So he wears on and then oh, by the way late in the game. Karim Hunt comes in just was just a joke of energy and he finishes you off. So there's not a better tandem in the league, then those guys and that's going to be their key. I'll put a Cleveland Browns office. Stay with the running game. Have bacon maple playoff with it and then used job is landing. Odell Beckham tete a chunk yards in the passing game. Yeah, I mean, it's like As I said with the tandem, I thought

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