Let's go. So they put him in the lineup. And yesterday the Cardinals


He is. Jack Flaherty had a terrific game struck out 11. Yadi, though, is the story of this game, Marc and with that win, the Cardinal's keep themselves very much in playoff contention there in second place in the NL Central, and they owed a lot to number four and they still have what five games with the Brewers. They do have five games with the brewer's left this weekend. So with that to one win, the Cardinals are now 3.5 out in the central and a game clear of the Reds and the Brewers, who are both winners yesterday. The Brewers have suddenly started to heat up. They've won four in a row. But the Cardinals have won four in a row there on a great streak right now, So it goes like this Cubs, who lost again yesterday are 3.5 ahead of the Cardinals. The Reds and the Brewers are 4.5 back. The eight teams make it out of the nationally, so it's the top division winners right now. It would be Cubs. Braves Dodgers as

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