CRITICAL LESSON - Learn How You Learn #1026



We all learn. Differently some people prefer the woods reading books is the best way for them to learn for others. It's video content. Then there's those that prefer to learn by listening. So it's an audio format that works best for them. Maybe a podcast is the best way for them to learn something. Then you've got those who are much better at learning by watching other people doing it, and then you've got those people that really just need to do it for themselves. No matter how many times you tell them until they get their hands on and actually experience it for themselves. They just never going to learn the point is, is that we all learn differently so it's probably one of the most valuable things that you can lose yourself in terms of your own self a- win. This is to understand how you learn because if you don't. Really, learn well, by reading books, there's no point in buying a book, find that time content or content in video or audio format. However, it is that you prefer to learn because otherwise, you just not being very efficient you're wasting your time. Now as a manager, it's also important to understand how you'll people love. You might have a team of ten or twenty people and they all have different ways of learning and it's a challenge when you're trying to teach them new things but if you don't understand the differences in the way that people learn. You GonNa Struggle to teach them and you're going to struggle to learn yourself. Right, that is for today I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow.

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