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But with Matt Nagy understanding who he is in that whole B you mantra that he goes by. I love it. I love them together. Wow. So what's that? Oh, well, we agree on the colts. And. I have everybody joy. I I've never had a day. So so the only one the only game all the guests. I've had today eleven disagreements one agreement you, and I agree in the colts literally had so you're either going to be very right or wrong. Wow. I'm gonna get shelled Monday. We're calling was wrong. A lot of that on Monday. Okay. Let me ask you this. Because you would know this better than anybody. When Aaron Rodgers talk about the jets job when Aaron rob you were there when he came out of college. He had a weird throwing motion. Good athlete. Not world-class wasn't there when he came out of college. But I was there the year after okay? So you saw the growth. Yes. So he had weird quirky rigid. Throwing motion had to be fixed came in socially, California, kid, little odd. He farve didn't necessarily click a little bit of an ad Liber could be a little reckless and all those years later. Mike McCarthy gets no credit for developing Aaron Rodgers who was not close to a finished product. Sam darnold, California kid good ad liver. Little reckless kind of a weird elongated throwing motion McCarthy and the jets seems like such an obvious choice to me. Am I crazy? No. You're not crazy. I I don't I like this simply because you he commands respect right out the gate. He understand he will have your most important players attention at all times in why is that? Because of where he's where he's come from who he's coached in his accomplishments. What he's been able to do with those guys under him. I'll Brett farve in Aaron Rodgers. So when you're looking at a Sam darnold, you're young guy who you can pour into you don't want a young coach and a young guy. I like Mike McCarthy because he can he can pull from his experiences with Aaron Rodgers and Brett farve, and he can pull from even a Young Sam darnold and allow him to become who we want. Kevin Clarke from. The ringer came on earlier. We had a great line. He said what you don't want is a developing quarterback getting a developing coach you want a stay on like Andy Reid to Kansas City, then he can get Patrick Mahomes develop. We know who liked that. I liked that saving a lot you bring in Matt rule. You gotta developing quarterback in a developing NFL head coach, I'm not interested in that. No, not like McCarthy. I love McCarthy. I absolutely love McCarthy. I think my only knock on Mike McCarthy was his complacency when it comes to play calling you bad at it. Or didn't care. He wasn't bad. He wasn't a bad play. Caller, just when he got up on teams. He was very conservative very conservative any. He just didn't have that that could be generational. Chuck Knox mardi it is a little bit. That's the way there. Have to pair yourself when you know in self-assessment in this league is very important. If you know that that's who you are. You gotta bring in somebody on that staff that counters that that's going to challenge the play calling in the creativity and innovation that you put put out there..

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