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Way to w either back in the day before and it basically what this this is doing for them is to make. Everybody watched television. The pay per views are big revenue forum. And all that. But if you want to see these you stories develop you WANNA see stores pay off it getting that with the television to with them. Go ahead have an exceed it makes it less you see the hey. Our television is more import It was actually doing the same thing too. They they run paper Takeovers a year. So it is. It's a really good model. It's it's you know it's it's it's you know you have the TV show to build build up the pay per view and then from the pay per view you WanNa Watch the TV show to see what happens nets as seems like some other companies. Just think just because you have the pay per view you can just do something at the pay per view and then it'll get you to watch and I think it's Kinda like it's Kinda like selling a hamburger without you know giving somebody the toppings you know you WanNa actually let them know they have everything in there and if you just give them lumpar it's not gonNA lead into the other very very. I think it makes compared eaten more important say. WWe twelve of them. You know you pay per view the crown jewels uh-huh so yeah the pay per views mean more when there's less of like I don't know if you guys want to talk about it but this weekend again NWEA having their for their speaking. I definitely would like to talk about that because I think that's GonNa be fucking great. That is just great. It's just a great product Cornet notwithstanding the bullshit bullshit anyone that watches devil five live which is what he's calling his segment now You know is completely how you feel about Jim coordinated this by Aced Gad Dan Taco Geico meet lunch special which we crappy like that Shit. Damn I told you. Put this shit on a shirt but real quick. I mean as you brought up. I mentioned it real quick. Jim Cornet is honesty when my favorite people in wrestling He's a wealth of wrestling knowledge. There was no better person. Habitat annouced allstate for the NWEA than Jim Cornet. Promise he he's nation Cornet uh-huh himself. you know you know the she can't say no that's nothing like like you can't say certain things that we could. I'd say fifteen twenty years ago we can't say now and that's just how she is. But that's I mean that but you know twenty years ago. There were words that you can save from the nineteen nineteen seventies. You know so it's it's it's not that soprano show norms but it's just like dude like it. Then there was a euphemism to me too. I'm like they used from them was was old. I'm like you said that literally back in the nineties. I saw a sound by saying that. Same thing to say talk about a busted open and I'm like it it. It ain't even a funny anecdote. It's not even good. I'm like wait a minute wait let me break down. I oh I see what he was trying to do. You got to break it down that much. That's that Shit. Land like tiffany. Haddish do. Well you know and it's funny. We were talking. We were talking about the Barani. Funny we were talking about before we went on the air interview that I listened to Chris. Van Vliet in Austin Aries so in the in the interview he was talking about the whole situation. That happened some years back with him and Christie Hemi and and like how he didn't intend for some of the things to go the way they did. But just how you know the way people would get heat back in the day compared compared to the things that you're able to do now because of how much more sensitive of a culture we live in manage just changes the way that you can do things in wrestling xbox sparky Rudini Jack seat. I mean good point there into the fire is going to be a great show I'm interested to see what they do with their first The paper view here and it's going to be on TV. which again I think is another smart move because it makes it to where a lot more people are able to get their hands on it Here's here's the funny thing about that. So Alison Kay she. She is going to be. I'm not defending her title. But she has a match and Mardi bells apart matches well but they're also going to be here. They're going to be here. Friday will be on Friday for shod. So I'll I'm trying to figure out how that's GonNa work going to add I mean Bingo be tad driving fuck it you know. That's they always says. She's a savage. Bro We're GONNA find out that being said that this Friday people will be there and We're probably going to be bringing you some pretty dope content from there as well so stay tuned or youtube and facebook pages with that being said into the fire. We've talked about that we've talked talked about. TLC Let's not forget about the bad ass card. That's coming this Saturday for the UFC. You've you've got Osmond versus Covington which I'm hitting could inching couldn't be anymore. He'll baby face if they tried I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with that fight deb Give me your thoughts real quick on the UFC card this weekend. If anybody has ever listened to be talking about this show I talk about how criminally underutilized certain talents are in UFC and this is another example of how terribly UFC market. There's some of their best talent arguably I- arguably under the call it the greatest woman spider of all time on this car and nobody gives New Year's defending her title point there. You got a point of his car and nobody gives a fuck nobody cared. They don't talk about it. They're not push 'em every since round Aleph is seems like they really just you know. Don't treat their women's division as much as they did because they don't have that one star but you know I knew about her before I knew about Rasi I disagree with that. I think I got my my thoughts on why it is but if this was pays bands at and not yes They would be pushing the shut up. She's a great. She literally defeated everybody. MHM LOOK AT USC history. She pretty much beaten them all. Yeah all right and I we would be remiss to talk about UFC. I was talking about first of all. I'm going to give my thoughts on. I endeavoured since I know you watch the fight you're more than happy to chime in afterwards so pass gas new. Yes exactly. That's exactly what I'm talking about past guests to the show. Cody stayman went to war this past weekend. UFC now before. I say anything for all of you. Mother fuckers that are going to say that I'm I'm just hopping on Cody's bandwagon. Because he was past guests to the show. Fuck you the guy that he fought is a fucking savage. He fought a good fight. That's why the fight was so close US especially considering the guy got a point taken away from him in the first round but with that being said I don't understand how the the fuck you can lose a fight in which your opponent already lost a point instead round was taken down twice in said round. I think cody lost the second second round clearly but in the third round beat the living shit out of the guy and finished with the fight in mount and was pounding the shit out of him. I think that that decision was bullshit but Dev I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. If you want to see I always always say you know stats. Tell the story but they don't tell the whole store but if you look at the stats from this fight basically every single category coney cody dominate. File take out opponent had none Strikes significant strikes the only thing opponent one was like leg strikes but every single statistical category cody dominated. That she he he. He ended the fight basically about to finish the ship. You come up with a maturity I remember and I I think I think it's one of those. Hey this is the guy that we're pushing right. Now Cody it was supposed to be a stepping stone in an cody mess up your plans. I think that's what was I mean. I can't really argue that because Kyle. I don't know if you watch the fight or not I hi I didn't get to watch it but I did. See a lot of people People I didn't even think they were actually in them. I may actually talking about it and I it is. It's controversial. I mean like I said man. As far as I'm concerned I mean and again this is not biased. Because he's on the show. I honestly feel if you just look at the stats like Kevin talked about and if you watch the fight I mean. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying cody smoked. The guy by any means because obviously you can't say that or the fight wouldn't have been that close but that being said I think even if you look at it from a layman's way of looking at fight right most people when they look at a fight they look at fights who was on top Moore who hit the other Guy Moore who had more damage you know who had more take downs. Cody one all cody. One of those six Minson flyspeck minutes. The Pike Cody was the dominant position. Like one. Minute and eleven seconds. What does that tell you? He was in control for more than around the fight. So I'm a little bummed it all out of all the questions. We asked Double D that we didn't we didn't we didn't get are famous locker room questioning but that that being said how the hell why does allaster over him look look like he got bit by a dog right now recipes over his lip at that new man. I actually got mad at somebody. Sure next Mile Dam. Yeah I I wouldn't transportation six more my day. I'm going to say I don't know if he bit threw his mouthpiece and and maybe bit his lip or that's a big bite must have album. I mean think about it if you're if you're getting hit by a heavyweight in bite your lip and the process. It's very that's possible. That schilling was his damn nose like who what when that's day it didn't look like he bit. If you seem like the slow motion gifts hit like his literally exploded when he.

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