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Clubhouse. I'm Susan Waldman along with Neil Walker for you this year. How is this year really changed for you? You come in. And now, you kind of a man of all trades. You you go in everywhere. Have you gotten used to that? Really? Are do you ever get used to that? You know, it it certainly was a transition. But I knew that coming in here. I was going to be asked about a little bit defensively. And that was something that was open to didn't think I'd find myself in the outfield I short period of time, but it was open to that too. But more than that. You know, I learned how to. You know, how to kind of grind a little bit more. And it's always been a strong point of mine, but to be asked to be in a different role in early on it took a while to kind of settle in. And I feel like the first month of the season was was obviously a nightmare for for me personally. But more than that is about helping the team win. So whatever I've been asked to do is in my mind is is something that is a benefit for the team. So regardless of playing every day or playing once a week, I've tried to embrace that. What does it mean to you that this came right from the beginning had said he's part of this team. He's going to be here. It's gonna work even when people were screaming, oh, this isn't gonna work. But what does it mean to you that they really thought that? Yeah. You know? That's that's something. I feel very fortunate about something that I know that they, you know, kind did their homework with distrusting my track record and all that kind of comes with that. So I'm very appreciative of that. And you know. At the same time. I had tried to work hard to to help. Like, I said in any way, shape or form. And I think I've done that decently. Well, hey, how much does everybody just want to win this game today? So that you can clinch and get ready for Wednesday at home. Yeah. That's that's something. That's important. You know, we know that we're playing pretty good baseball Renou had an eye series down in Tampa. It'd be nice to close. This thing up today. You know, I I looked in the paper this morning and the Yankees took out a full-page ad congratulating, David Wright and thanking him for everything he did anybody. Who loves baseball knows what this man means is someone that played there and knew him very, well, how hard is this going to be? And what does that mean when you see people get teary eyed and everything about someone like that? How specialists he is very special. I mean, he's he's the heartbeat of that organization for me..

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