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A shadow as though someone were standing just outside. But she couldn't do anything about the prowler. She couldn't do anything at all but lie there and wait. Defenseless meanwhile orleans husband bird finally returned home from work. He just pulled into the drive when he saw dark figures standing outside his daughter's bedroom window in a flash. He was out of his car and through the garden gate. He couldn't make out the figures features because they warhead to toe black clothing and a that obscured their face. Worst of all the stranger bert approaching and fled. Burt gave chase but the prowler was fast. In minutes they disappeared down. An unlit alleyway unaware of the continued danger. Burt returned home to break the news. That a peeping. Tom was now in madison. He pushed open the door to reveal a grisly sight. His wife in the midst of seemingly painful wrenching movements. Luckily the police had also just arrived along with martha. Burt wasted. No time in telling them all about the figure outside a lean started to recover while her husband told his tail as she regained the ability to move. Burt helped her to the sofa. So the officers could take her testimony though the cops hadn't been summoned to the race house the night before when word got out about the incident at the karni home urban inherit rafe came forward with their story. Almost immediately some police force believe the attacks had to be related. Unfortunately not everyone was convinced when the officers shared their theory with the chief of police. The commanding officer seem skeptical. This was a not war torn europe. Why would anyone attack a pair of married couples with a chemical weapon in spite of the disbelief. The officers returned to the carney's house the following morning to sweep for evidence as news spread throughout the neighborhood. A small civilian search party joined the police in their effort but they found nothing. The lack of evidence didn't do much to bolster the cereal gas-attack theory but even though some people doubted the police officers hypothesis they still had good reason to worry at the very least a peeping. Tom had disturbed the carney's and mike target other local families. But who could have been. No one was prepared to believe that one of their own could be responsible for something so sinister. Unfortunately the mysterious figure was about to step up their tactics and leave the people of mired in paranoia coming up the attacks. Pick up steam. Hi everyone it's molly. If you haven't had a chance to check out the playful new podcast blind dating. Now's the time to binge what you've missed before catching all new episodes every wednesday in the spotify original from podcast. We're expanding the places you can meet your match with a twist. You'll never see coming join host terry michelle. As she introduces one hopeful single to strangers in a voice only call through a series of illuminating games in questions. The trio will get to know one. Another without the distraction of appearances but in the end is personality enough for these strangers to fall head over heels or once. The cameras are turned on. Will they head for the hills. Connect with new episodes of blind dating every wednesday. You can find and follow blind dating free on spotify or wherever. You get your podcasts. The truth is out there and now you can see it for yourself n. Even document the evidence the may grid as returned the saucy tender and incredibly delicious sandwich with a taste that is out of this world the sandwich that influences culture and has a cult following the one that inspires means fan art and music.

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