Jena, Brooks discussed on Off Camera with Sam Jones - 113. Holly Hunter


If anything a noise you on a movie said if you wanna like if are enraged if you feel humiliated if you on our unbelievably annoyed if you are impatient you know whatever the emotion is that a bit outsized you know in between take something is going on whatever and he's you know somebody is has just insulted you or people aren't what whatever the the the the we're waiting for a cloud that's never moving a you know i out of the line of the sun and we can't shoot until the cloud in it's like can we please go iten you know the scene is more important than the than the cloud whatever those issues are a keep it to yourself and she said because then you can put it into the next take and it will be your fuel it'll be the fuel for your engine that you need to and that is that invaluable in in in any time that i've ever said can we go it's like a tougher you know that can we go i should have like just plugged it into action and it would have been something that i wouldn't have anticipated it will it'll is transportation and she was it was you know incredibly why there's an aspect of of falsity to making a movie that cannot cannot get into your performance and you have probably after vigilant towards that totally you know it's like a real protective kind of thing you after really fr considerate sacred and in in that that thing you know jena said that it was very kind of nononsense very pragmatic but in fact it's just protecting something that sacred in an movie set can be like extremely not sacred like let's face it on there's a lot of like looking now there's a lot of cell phone staff there's a new time there's meal penalties there's you know boredom there's you know all these things and the actors there to protect a an unknown the unknown you know you want up what what i was saying about brooks you want to court the unknown you know uh and in sometimes year deal only one doing it you know um.

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