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Pa- county's sheriff's unfortunate that we have to consider this or that we have a need for it. It's our top story. And here's Jamie, west KTAR is on education. Doug Ducey has a plan to keep your teen safer at school. We know when a police officers around it makes things safer Maricopa County. Sheriff Paul Penzone is backing the governor's call for campus cops at every high school. Let's go live to KTAR Jim cross for the story, Jamie. The sheriff told KTAR is MAC and Gaydos, as a society, we need to find better ways to keep the threat away from school. So we aren't dependent on officers to keep the kids on a safe on campus is is having law enforcement professionals on campus who have a limited responsibility solely for safety. So yeah, I absolutely support him. It's a matter. Of us having open communication in a relationship with the schools. Now, the governor safe Arizona schools plan goes beyond more cops on campus. Also includes more school counselors governor says he will include some elements of the plan as budget. He will unveil on Friday live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news was a state legislature now in session ASU president. Michael crow has a message to lawmakers about higher education funding, the public gleaners in the legislature and elsewhere. I've got to look at this as a human capital development. Michael crow hopes lawmakers will support a fifty fifty funding model for Arizona's three state universities. We want to support the families and the students to attend three great public universities by covering about half of their cost. Crowe says the state covers fifty percent of tuition for in-state students, the universities, including as you will commit to covering the cost of running the institution itself. Both in a U N. You obey presidents also support the fifty fifty model. Martha our KTAR news. All right. Let's get over to the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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