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But the monster had apparently made a mistake that night because this situation was quite different than the other crimes because both of the victims were meant yes so after the monster would shoot these victims had go into their trailer and he's gonna be snooping around yeah all the shots were fired from outside of the camper if the monster were to follow his normal m o he would go into the camper to niro pool the female victim from the vehicle however in this situation um if he was following his typical imo he would've went inside and discovered that this was not a heterosexual couple this homosexual couple in this is in fact to met well at some point he the monster takes a pornographic magazine that he finds inside the camp her he tears pages out of it and scattered them on the ground outside of the camper okay um it's not believe that he he mutilated either of these victims in any way he just simply shot them discovered that he made a mistake where suming and then left the crime there has been a lot of speculation though captain if if this was intentional you know or did he just mistake uh what he saw to be a female and male victim the situation is this though remember we have francesco vinci he's he's locked up he's believed to be involved in these crimes the monster of florence crimes now the authorities refused to release francesco even though he was not around for this crime that took place on september night 1983 they believed that one of his relatives had tried to throw them off by committing a new murder using the same gun or at the very least that french iskoe knew who the monster was right so this be clear for everybody to be clear that we have evidence at the scene that these two homosexual victims were shot with the same gun from their shot with the monsters gun and remember we have all three vinci brothers were being.

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