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They're on the vanity mere and they want to two thousand sixteen gq grooming award it's been on oprah's two thousand seventeen new year's oldest event you make it on the oldest that's when you know you've made it right now are we on the oldest not yet not yet go exume gotta get to quipped dot com slash footballers to get your first refill pack free with a quick electric toothbrush thatcher first refill pack free at quip or get quip dot com so i apologize i am saying us it's get i have diet on of the first and get quipped dot com slash footballers get quip dot com slash football g e t q u i p dot com slash footballers dan nse forecast that i miss bill quit i don't think so you know the brooks can i get a ruling i was starting to think too and then you beam it yeah i think so i think they got they got the letter u u ip could we did it we got there okay let's get into the forecast for weeks seventeen all these games on sunday right thursday night nokkala rush snow saturday night game the packers they take on the lions all right storylines from this game jim caldwell could be as last game as a head coach for the lions he said he doesn't plan on using this last game to evaluate any anger players aka he's gonna get a job he's going to use as usual starters as long as they're healthy and so we're talking about matthew stafford we're talking about golden tape marvin jones eric hebron who's been on role seems like you can roll him out there this is the game that i w i keep finding myself wanting pieces in this game too because when a player is playing for their coach's job we've seen it in the past it really go all out the green bay packers defense is not that good day have very little to play four am this week there is a super cold front coming into the united states along the arizona no but also not indulgence so i realize the fact that this game is in detroit on on my own.

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