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Our psyche starts to happen in our heart start to happen in our spiritual life and it's not good in security can creep in co dependency can creep in manipulation and resentment and self deception we may even find ourselves in relationships that are toxic because we just keep wanting to prove ourselves that we're loveable even at our own detriment even when it causes us pain and all of this this once your desire can become distorted and ultimately it can lead to the besetting sin of pride the people who have this longing to be loved whose longing becomes distorted can fall into the besetting sin of pride and in the end in the end destruction comes when we fall into those places destruction of all kinds spiritual psychological emotional destruction com's and guess what we're left with the very same dread we possessed when we started the fear that we are unlovable now beginning to our scripture text in just a moment but first I want to share an illustration of how this all works of of how this noble desire can become so badly distorted our desire to be love can be so badly malformed that it brings destruction into our lives many of you are familiar with the author shel Silverstein and his wonderful collection of children's books one of my favorite books of all time is the giving tree I've always loved that book even from the time my mother used to read it to me I used to think that the giving tree really only.

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