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There. These guys read books. Maybe it's just the first few pages if you've seen the LeBron James means which are hysterical. But it is a different league. These guys are very different. Especially the superstars. They know how to act. They're not getting into the off the court. Issues. Remember after mouse in the palace How so many people in America said. We are not watching that. We're not watching those dogs play basketball. Are you watching the game now? It's not like that at all. You did have a little blowup yesterday with Marvin Williams. Look little competitive. Ah! Repetitive fire. Being thrown out there, But overall, this league has changed. They have evolved and yet you still don't like him, So just admit you don't like the game. It's okay. You don't have to like it. Maybe basketball's not for you Just don't assign some fake Outrage on why you don't like the game. You weren't you weren't like in the game before. Just not for you. That's okay. You know what? NASCAR probably not for me. 855 to 1 to four CBS 4 to 27 We come back, Continue taking your phone calls. On what has happened to the ratings in the MBA, and I got to get to my take about who should go. Number one. We saw the Lotto this week. I've got the answer on who the timber will should take. But why this could be The least exciting draft in N BA history. That's next. Anthony Lima, CBS sports radio. As you get back to business, small.

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