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About collect quote, he's doing great. He's in great shape, his violence, good. He's feeling good. He's moving well. So I don't anticipate any issues or problems. Do you think quite a hundred percent healthy going into the season? A thank you will be. I think that was the purpose only plan my games last year. When you felt the team misdiagnosed you a friend of mine Roger Mason, Julia, who also played with the San Antonio Spurs are not picking on their franchise organization on know how great they are. Everybody has heard me scream, go Spurs, go a lot of the anybody in the media. He also acknowledged that he had injury those misdiagnose by that team. So I'm not saying it's the same staff of clearly not saying this on purpose, but it's sports happens as at least we want to be out there. We don't know the difference between being hurt and injured koalas the same thing you feel like you know your body, hey, get on out there, he got out. Do you realize that he wasn't able to go then when y'all like I'm cleared and I'm like, I ain't good. That's what the star to go. You know, because a fork in a rose, if if if he was. Semi cleared or as close to playing or whatever. At the end of last season, he'll be ready to go this season. Right? Toronto's going good, real Toronto. Good. This Toronto. I got to see how they play. This is really to me going to be a basketball decision five guests right now, I would say no. Could he go to the Lakers percent chance? He goes to the Lakers to join LeBron. I don't think he wants that. I don't think it's a fit. If Kowa goes to LA is going to be to the clips. You heard me Marcellus. That's why one of the reason why the Doc Rivers. What I do for a living. Okay, won't be delayed if Kowa goes to LA it'll be with the clippers. I Reggie make a note. Jim was going to say, we pull up that sound so whatever you do Reggie making, no put the time code down all wax. Jalen rose to say it again. If Leonard leaves Toronto, it won't be the Los Angeles Lakers. He'll be for the clippers annoy said, he wanted to go playing Kelly, but us in the media assumes that that means he wants to play in purple and go now with LeBron James, I don't believe that's going to necessarily take place if he bounces from the raptor putting it on wax because the Lakers have the spot. Who do you think would be the best fit wall? If you're gonna be go, stay worse. One guy income is k. d. the other guy I just said, I don't think is coming is co off. There's some great free agents next year, including Jimmy Butler what they could be a terrific Fiqh adding just one of those guys with LeBron and the talented core that the Lakers currently have. It's going to be an exciting contending team, but I don't think is still going to be Golden State warrior beatable type grill. So the Lakers are on national television every single night of the season. Nash top fifty three times I say night and don't even have a game. It's ridiculous how much the Lakers. I mean, I'm shocked by this. I understand that too. Because you know, I'm LeBron's Dan. I wanna see the Brown, but we all say happened as a function of realistic expectations. What are your realistic expectations for the Lakers this e. In the west dependent on a match up, I guess a foresee possibly Vance out of the first round of the net. This gonna be reserved for the warriors rockets. Okay. See those to me are teams that I'm banking on the heels of the best three teams in the Western Conference right now, injuries and things happen. And you know things don't go the way ours expect, but those are the best three teams. So. We've worked together for a long time over that time. I oftentimes die easy fan. I take on my friends team. You know what I mean? So I've taken on the Michigan, thanking I root for them in basketball on route for them in football is your friend. They had the biggest game of the week NBC prime time Saturday night. So I left the house..

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