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Joseph New Garden, Scott McLaughlin Colton Heard of the aforementioned Ed Jones New Garden, the only one on the blacks Right now they track the only one on the Blacks, which we know that's a disadvantage. I'm surprised that he put those on this step. But right now he's just want to get those out of the way. I'm pretty sure it can't wait to get the Reds back on and gain some time. And we're looking at the up and down pit road. And we don't think that Jones is gonna be the only one over the next hand full of laps. There could be a few more meat while Jack Harvey working on grabbed Ray Hall to the inside and in turn number one, and he will get around Graham Ray Hall with relative ease as he makes his way through Turn number one. Jack Harvey has been smooth this entire event thus far already gapped Himself. Three car legs for grabbed Ray. All right behind Ray Hall. Is the machine of Rita. Speak a further back in the field. Simon pagina, Willpower. Swings. Way wide is Ed Jones just came off a pit laid. So it has the Xhosa has those fresh tires. He will get around willpower. Now it's Marcus Eriksen. Try to pass power as well. But what power all kinds of problems down here in turn Number one, and here comes Erickson. Yeah, Power is all of a sudden struggling because Marcus Eriksen will swing wide. And that red wine, Husky chocolates, car for chicken, Asi racing and easily dispatch of willpower. Now it's Alexander Rossi really charged into 37 that pink and gray car Jake. He's chasing willpower to turn nine. So let's check the status of this willpower. Has Alexander Rossi right there, and it looks like he's not gonna have him right there for a long while. She looked like he was going to make the move in turn number 10 was not able to do it often turn 11. Hours able to hold him off. He sets up now for turn number. 12 Rossi is still right there. Should power have any incident whatsoever. Ross, he's going to be able to make that pass. But again, powers able to hold a ball down to 14 new garden a bit of comfort now his teammates shot but Scott Walker that's chasing them. We see cold, unheard of and Jones down. He has company. It's Marcus Eriksen at the north End of the facility. Yeah, Marcus, Eric said, trying to make that pass. After dispatches willpower, Ross, he tried to go round willpower, willpower locks him up. He will get into the grass. Now. Rossi will label label to dispatch of willpower. Felix Rosenquist now goes on to the rear wake of the attack of willpower further up at Jones and Marcus Eriksen, man, a killer. We got a lot of great battles coming at you. I've never seen that Verizon car looks so evil for willpower and all the years he's been driving it. Had to hold on to that race car if we went off the racetrack, But as you mentioned Felix Rosenquist is the next driver that has put power on the hit list. The return seven Rosenquist gets right up on the rear wing called a car length Jacobs. They streaked through nine and 10. Yeah, I gotta wonder if that the rise and machine just isn't off balance for willpower We saw it happened yesterday in qualifying. That was in turn number 12. When power finally lost the machine. Rosenquist is now the next that is trying to reel in on the number 12 of willpower. Power through turn number 12 and turn number 13 able to keep him two car lengths back Rosenquist trying to make the move. Ryan Hunter Rey is among those coming on and off it road and let's go downstairs. Check in with our pit. Reporters start first with Ryan Marine waiting on Alex. Hello, cycled towards the front, at least on his strategy. One of the drivers that started on the alternate red. He's gotta set a sticker blacks coming his way. We expect him any moment. I think we'll see him in here soon. Why don't we go back up to you? Mark it. We'll get it back to you down here with Pelo pulls in to Rob Blackman. All right, Roman grows on the rookie. The Cole Center has pitted for the first time this afternoon. And it is the scuff Red's coming off. And a new set of scuffed red fire someone down in a way a 0.3 seconds. The poll center. The rookie Roman grows on back to you, Ryan Marine Great Sunday from the Dale Coyne team was here with the chicken Asi racing through It's the American Legion on the side pot for Alex. Below. They take off a tear off the arrows screen here, and he's off, but he's on those blacks will see if he can keep him under him. And here comes Jack Harvey. He said it toward turn number one. Where is it? Where is.

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