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This back. This shit ain't overlooked. Now you're okay, but you're on my poke. Okay, the time he poked you. Were you faking it? Well, then you kind of fake something as well. I've never picked anything in my life. He put me straight up in the eye and Mark Goddard said, all right, no more timeouts. You guys keep fighting. Oh, so now you're acknowledging that you gave Marty fake newsman two fake timeouts before and you're not going to give me a timeout when I legitimately got Pope, but it's okay. I'm used to the fact that gets me. I'm going to keep fighting because I don't ask for time out your breaks. I asked to go out there and fight to the death and fight till someone's unconscious and I got robbed of that. It's bullshit. They fight fake stoppage, and that shit needs to be reviewed. Okay, and protesting. I want my rematch. Okay, but now that you know that usman is capable of dropping you because he did drop you. Are you going to fight a little safer? Or is this going to go on a punch? Banana peel? Slipped on a banana peel. You know, it got really slippery in the UFC octagon that night and I fell to the ground, but hey, I was in a safe space. I tried to double leg. He was just putting his hips on me. Dude, as a wrestler Adam, you know, wrestling, you coach kids wrestling. Dude, I relax most of the time and fights or in rest and matches what I'm gonna double leg extended and I'm just kind of catching my breath catching my senses, getting back to reality. And that's exactly what I was doing. Intelligently defending myself, putting my hand behind my back because he's hitting the back of my head. I mean, I mean, you're supposed to only be able to hit from like right here to right here and why is he hitting clearly in the back of my head? I had to get stitches behind my head because he put so many marks back there. Wow. Well, listen, I mean, Colby Covington. I keep coming away. I want to hate you, bro I really want him. Why do you want to hate him? Because no, you know what I mean? I don't know. I don't know if I agree with this politics. I don't know if I agree, but I just keep winning me back, bro I don't know how you keep doing it. You keep convincing me to, you know, I was gonna, I was gonna vote for Bernie, but I'm swinging this way. No, but usman got booed at the last time, UFC event. They put a picture on him. He was I got booed for sure. Look, I don't think he's not gonna get booed. I'm sure the booze are gonna keep coming his way. And he's gonna keep smiling right through it. That's what's making me a fan. That's what's making me a fan. He doesn't give a fuck what you guys say. He's gonna keep doing his thing. And you know what?.

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