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Yeah, six weeks. So is six weeks from yesterday just to give you an idea of like Sometimes I'll do this. How far away is six weeks Father's Day was six weeks ago. So fathers they feels just like yesterday, too, You know, Actually, it feels like it was a long time ago really does know it's funny. I don't know. Maybe time slows down because of all this, but it's Father's Day feels like it was First off. It felt like we never had fathers day, But Father's Day feels like it was eons ago. It's not a long time, six weeks. It'll go fast. I think it'll go fast. This time I go faster with all these other these other things. Yeah, we have distractions. We have other games, so I feel like the football season will keep up on us pretty quickly. And, um, you know, I think one of you know, one of the stories, of course, will be what happens when they go to this next phase. Okay. Through the first part, somebody had the numbers. Was it two or 3%? Positive test. I think through the entire league to this point Everybody's together. I mean, they've all reported to camp. Now we'll wait and see as weight room workouts begin as on field conditioning workouts begin and then next week, we'll get two practices Football. Will we have to keep watching and see what happens in terms ofthe the covert results, But knock on wood? So far, not too bad. There are handful of guys that have opted out. There are a handful of guys that are on the reserve covert list, including a couple of quarterbacks Stafford and Menchu. But so far, I think You know, the NFL would be fairly happy with how things have gone to this early point. And we'll see how it handles the rest as opposed to, you know, Major League baseball who's jumping through hoops trying to play with their schedule because of you know, half a dozen teams being affected by the covert situation now. And hockey's been good and basketball's been good right there. No, no big problems with the N B a at all since you know, since AH couple guys went off campus for food delivery, and one guy was out of town and decide to go to a strip club for chicken wings or whatever it was The NBA's in good shape, and the NHL is in good shape. Really, you know, so so now the NFL is not gonna bubble, but now we'll see how they handled us through the next step of the offseason or excuse me next step of the preseason all of the the conditioning and strengthen workouts and everything. School is going to the game. I like games games are more fun, Jeremy, this just in you're still two weeks from the MBA playoffs. By the way, there's a major this weekend golf, too, by the way, add to your schedule PGA Championship Championship this week. How about that? That's great. You got that this week and look forward to Jane and in San Francisco, so later start on Sunday. So we're going to the final round ending at night. Probably got a hot take for golf for you. Watching Thomas and cap go go down the stretch yesterday, the FedEx at the ST Jude It was I don't know. Like you remember all when I'm not trying to compare everybody to tiger here, I'm not trying to make a hot take. It's just something that kind of popped into my head when Tiger is near the top or when tigers in the lead, he never gives up the lead right in his prime. And Down the stretch. These guys couldn't find the fairway. It ended up being like who's going to make the Who's gonna make fewer mistakes. Thomas made a couple of big mistakes and got away with it. He shanked a drive so far left that it turned out good. And also had one that went so far right? But then hit a tree and got a good balance and kept you gotta bounce off a tree and we just I found myself watching and thinking. Not that golf was worse for me. It was an exciting finish that I was locked in. But just neither one of these two down the stretch was that ice in the veins stone cold. Just knock it down the middle. Thomas was good everywhere else put off the T. He just he couldn't control it. And capture on. I think he's both 16 and 18. Just I mean, Brooks Capital lost that tournament more than Thomas wanted, kept kept gave it away. He bogeyed 16 which is a par five. The easiest hole on the course. Any birdie 17 to get back in, and then 18. He puts in the water like it just I didn't expect yesterday Come out with a Brooks captain take but like he lost that tournament. You don't think Dustin Thomas wanted you? You don't think like This is a reverse question, because normally it wouldn't be this way would be the fans and may be feeling the pressure. But no fans. You think that any impact on how things went down that I know that's a good question. One of the things about fans is When you shank your tee shots, and I shouldn't say shank because it's probably straighter than I ever had any mind. But when you lose one of the right that goes into the trees and into where the gallery would be with fans, Sometimes it'll hit someone and stop. Yeah, right. In this case, that ball will roll and roll and go further right or clear some trees and maybe get a good look at the green. Maybe you don't get a good look. So that does change a little bit, because I mean, these guys would would have been pulling into the gallery multiple times down the stretch. Yeah, because I would think you know you would normally think the reverse if it's your plan for the lead is down. The stretch is the final day and the fans were there and you feel the pressure. Every shot that you have to hit reaction and your hearing crowd reaction from the group in front of you all. My goodness. That guy I'm chasing must have birdied No fans, So you wouldn't think I know you would think no fans wouldn't be a problem. That's why I asked. I have no idea if it would be if some way. Would you focus more? There's one spot so Justin Thomas is in the group ahead of Kepco and he's protecting. He's got a two stroke lead going to 18. If he doesn't you don't hear Birdie roar hear stuff like that. So maybe when Capt. Cho bogeys number 16 Thomas would know because there wasn't a roar for a birdie. There wasn't lost her apart. And then when Kepco hits a bomb pot on 17 there would have been an explosion of cheering. And you know Thomas's walking up 18 at that point after losing his tee shot off to the right again. Maybe that hearing behind me. Brooks must have done something good because On the golf course That's something I'll never forget. Is How disconnected you are when? When the PGA Championship was at Oak Hill when Sean McKeel one of whatever year that would have been like what? 2012 13 was a while back anyway, being there on the course. Without a phone. You would hear a roar over then Think like who was that? You know what? That was definitely a birdie roar. That was an eagle roar and for competitors, they don't have phones there, not check in. They don't have a live leaderboard..

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