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Get exactly what they want which is more games like to celebrate Saturday stop again easier to play on Sunday then Saturday short here for the sixteen to play today the end of the season wanted to even tougher this is a little bit of work to Dave got a kick out but again they get to a direct revenue the NFL network is taking all the design which means they've been selling commercials all day and that's money right into their pocket right into the NFL pockets not coming from a network it's money that they're generating themselves guess what it's going to stay in play they're not gonna do away with it and I actually like the Saturday yeah aspect of it I think it is pretty darn cool and therefore I don't see it ever going away my dad we only got a couple of minutes left do I have time for yes I can hear Baghdad he tweeted today truth be told not great not a great group of mac Daddy tweeds all right I'll go I'll go with a really simple one and because I I believe it and I hope that is true I hope that is true therefore I'm going to believe it from is it hi appears whose Twitter handle is quilts for scholars it did you ever do you ever hear that handle act quilts for scholars there is a back story there which I don't know when I'm not even gonna take gas at says Jodi Mack enjoying the show greatly I'm not really a big sports fan by thanks for the effort go Packers well are you are you a big sports fan if you've got enough brooding interest that you're gonna say goal packed you might not be the biggest of sports fans not the biggest sports fan listening to my show right now but you know what you are Baghdad he tweeted today because you admitted you not that big a sports fan but you took time to email a dead text me tweet me and by the way yes you know I'm back in the Packers is one of my pics demolished cell have a good Saturdays at chi had an even better tomorrow.

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