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Beach house sits on Saint Phillip's island South Carolina just across the water from Hilton head it's four bedrooms and four baths being renovated for rent this spring Roger just how much it'll go for but the home of the island used to belong to Ted Turner before he sold it to South Carolina for four point nine billion dollars one of my house too late it's already been purchased is just over forty six hundred square feet four bedrooms four baths but since it's a Malibu California mansion as it's Janet Jackson once rented it twenty eight million dollars was shelled out by the new orders Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former racecar driver data give Patrick want to buy a house that's three hundred forty acres on the island of Martha's vineyard Massachusetts a former sheep farm with a cedar shingled Cape Cod style of home mobile sixty five hundred square feet five bedrooms five baths library chef's kitchen and views of the Atlantic from most rooms for a mere sixty five million dollars you can I have one of the former homes of Jackie Kennedy one of my house it's in Beverly hills of just over an acre on a quiet cul de sac just over eleven thousand square feet five bedrooms thirteen baths with a fireplace GM a dining room that seats twenty originally built in nineteen thirty four four actor Frederick March now for forty four and a half million dollars you can own what was until twenty oh six the happily ever after home the mention of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston one of my house say Manhattan penthouse apartment actually over four thousand square feet of the twenty ninth of thirty floors with three bedrooms five baths game room eat in shifts kitchen and spectacular views of New York City originally priced at fifteen and a half million south Robert twelve million you get the Manhattan digs of Jennifer Lawrence and want to buy a house overlooking the Los Angeles skyline is is nearly seven thousand square foot home on an acre of land seven bedrooms eleven **** matic fireplaces and redwood log flooring in the cigar lounge rigidly price to forty two and a half million it's not down to sixteen point nine million to own actor John berry boards former mansion including his opium den opium not included the off beat I Jimbo added on this date in nineteen thirteen the sixteenth amendment to the U. S. constitution providing for a federal income tax was ratified America in the morning for Monday February third twenty twenty is produced by Tom delay.

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