Julio. Don't tarry till you know, Don't be afraid to go wide receiver at the


He had opportunity. Miami and plant out opportunity last year with the Cardinals was great, well, paying out over the course of 16 games, and I said that I have them essentially rank back to back, so I love them both. But I think I give a slight as Sanders if he's gonna play 16 games and then last one for you, Jamey Eisenberg, Joseph on Twitter says Need help can keep one after eighth round. Calvin Ridley in the eighth Hollywood Brown in the 13th of Ronald Jones in the 14th Man. I love the value for those two receivers, but I think Calvin Ridley headed for stardom. 30 receiver got breakout potential excellent quarterback Matt Ryan, who doesn't get the credit he deserves. A last year they let the NFL inconstant that's always something you can hang your hat on. That volume will be there for him. He's going to single coverage all day because of Julio Jones on the opposite side. So if you saw last year it's a very easy comparison doesn't mean it happens. But Chris Godwin was better than Mike Mike Evans as the third year receiver coming into his own and stepping out of the shadows of the top guy. That could be what happened to Calvin. Really? This year, he may show Batman that Robyn is ready to emerge. Other than Ridley. Give me another breakout guy that that if you get good value on in your opinion I love deejay chart. You know, I'm gonna go back to Jacksonville. Well, so you know, there's a ever team. You want to hang your hat on. This is actually someone's gotta score, right? Shark is, you know, Think about what Alan Robson once upon a time, very different scenario, because different system and all that stuff, but Shark is gonna soak up target. He's going into his third year again. Volume will be there that it's going to be terrible. So you can get that guy. In some cases I've seen around six active oil that scenario.

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