COVID-19 concerns prompt Georgia quarterback Jamie Newman to opt out of 2020 season


There has been some very big news in the SEC earlier today coming out of Athens Georgia were Jamie Newman who had transferred from wake forest expected to be the star of the high flying dogs announced. He is opting out because of covert or certainly a lot of conversation about that and we caught up earlier in the program with Mike Griffiths. Part of the reason he was coming to Georgia was to play more a pro style offense and group those potential NFL skills and you know I think he's been able to work in that offense, and now there isn't worth yet you know there's always the risk of injury with ten game schedule. Last year, you make it through the season had a shoulder injury, the poorest mrfloor state. Now, he's looking down the barrel of a ten game schedule. He's got a guy on his heels that. My overtaken for the position and JT Daniels. You know how does that look? NFL Scouts so I think this is the safe decision maybe per for Newman if you have concerns about cove nineteen or losing your job or or getting re injured, let's face it. It's a really physically Paul I mean there was only four out of fourteen teams in the league last year that had a quarterback started every game and that was an eight game season. Now, you're looking at a ten game season.

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