Former Italian Premier Berlusconi Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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Controversial former prime minister. Silvio. Berlusconi will remain in isolation at his home. He's tested positive for the coronavirus NPR SYLVIA POGGIOLI reports the eighty three year old had recently vacation in one of Italy's pandemic hotspots. Bidders Kony's personal doctor told an Italian news agency that he does not have any symptoms, but he decided to test for the virus after spending time at his villa on the island of Sardinia. He tested positive just a week after his close friend Flavio Briatore very owner of an exclusive nightclub in Sardinia was hospitalized. We've covid nineteen. Milan said Denia had been mostly spared by the pandemic but in August, the summer playground for the rich and famous became a disease spreader. Large numbers of young people crowded is pristine beaches and danced at its discos flouting the government's safety protocols Sylvia Pohjola NPR news.

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