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Were sort of open to talking with Soviet Union. It's just it's a fascinating little history but there's a thousand books that we can talk about there and we will at a future point. Start with lots off. I just wanted to do one small Chris. I had to look this up. The Sebastian book is called Revolution. Nineteen eighty-nine you found that anyway floor in front honors. Mark is the guy who made lives of others but he has a new ish movie well like last year called never look away which starts in Nazi Germany and ends in in East Germany. Which is not as good but it is still very good. I think probably the best book that I've read on that subject. That is not a history book that I t t to Matt's recommendation about about The lives of others my same version of that. Which with that much enthusiasm would be Anna funders books Tozzi land which I think. I probably recommended to more people than any other book. Who's an Australian journalist? Who lives in Brooklyn now and Was doing work in in Germany. Long about two long after the wall fell but probably ten fifteen years in places ads in the newspaper wanting to talk to people who were agents and those who were victimized and the book that she wrote as a result of that is really really fascinating. And I'll leave it there but that that is a terrific book. So if you're quarantined and you want to read a book you'll I think grunted published it. You'll fly through is. Stodgy land. The heavier one on why it all ended is Sebastian's book revolution. Nine hundred nine. So there you go Camille. You got anything. You got any Recommendations on what kind of AMMO DUBAI OR What kind of barriers? To Kill Enough. Settle All right. Well that's ridiculous so we'll we'll talk to you.

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