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You know the it's the whole head versus heart. You know my heart says yes. The my head is is making me feel a little bit. No on this I again. I just i go back to this year is it. It's gonna tell us everything quite. It's not going to tell us a lot. It's gonna tell us everything about zack. Taylor about this roster about a lot of the players on the roster about the assistant coaches this year is going to tell a lot I think i think he can lead the bengals layoffs. I don't know again. The through the play is another discussion there as well So i mean. I think when i went through this poll by myself i think i said yes I don't know that. I was fully convinced of that. Answer though we'll put yes for the hell of it Let's see here. When will the bengals break their playoff drought in the next. If they do in the next three years i it's it's kind of easy i think the put this in the middle for twenty twenty two. I think That would be second Last last season if he does not make the twenty twenty one playoffs He would probably have to in twenty twenty two to keep his job it again. Like the divisions tough. it's deep. i know there's there can be three wildcard teams now but not every year. You're going to have two of them from the afc north like we saw last year I it's it is tough to see them do with this year. And i know there's so much potential in. It's possible but i think the answer. Here's probably twenty twenty two if it does happen that's that's the answer for me to I just you know. I think they could be sneaky in very competitive this year and maybe even sneak into the playoffs if everything goes right if they stay very healthy and like i said the maturity the cohesion comes into place and things are things are moving in a really good direction but i still think there are too many kinks to to work out. Still in this season you do have a quarterback. I think he's gonna come back and play. Great ball this year but he is coming back from a severe injury. There's just a lot of different elements at play here. So i still think next year is is kind of the one that We would we would look at for this one for me. I think we're gonna do a couple more here but this is this is an interesting one. Will joe borough win an nfl mvp. While with bengals i guess. Is this assuming that there's a possibility that he leaves the bengals winston mvp. I don't know. I don't know if he wins the mvp like they're they're very successful that year. They presumably go to the playoffs. Do something in the playoffs. It's hard to see a quarterback becoming an mvp when he wins maybe eight or less games so this is assuming enjo- boroughs career singles. There is a very very successful season. Where he's one of the best quarterbacks of the best quarterback in the nfl. And i think that's it. That's entirely possible down the road. I think it's possible. I go back to two thousand five and i guess i should he who shall not be named Number nine that year at a very realistic argument for being an nfl. Mvp you can even say twenty fifteen. Andy dalton had a little bit of a you know made that race a little interesting based on what he did before his injury. He was playing lights out when the bengals went eight. No and there was very little to no talk or consideration for either of those guys so you know we talk about the ring of honor thing and the lack of recognition in the pro football hall of fame just in general with the team. I just you know i find it. I find this to be an uphill battle. I don't say. I don't want to say it's hard to believe because i think joe borough can be amazing quarterback in the nfl. I just think just from so many stigmas. That seem to be a i. Guess against the bengals a little bit. I find it hard to believe. I think he can will. He i. I don't know i i trouble saying yes to that. If there's one guy who can break through that stigma it as universally popular with every other fan. Base is joe borough It's just a matter of does he have that season. That's the equivalent of twenty nine hundred. Lsu just so that. We're not like put on freezing. Cold takes in ten years if this does happen. let's get. this may be one end on. Do you feel the bengals organization respects slash values. You as a fan. Anthony costanza john. If you would ask me this maybe even as early as last year year before maybe a couple years ago i started to see some differences last year. I guess last couple as well but major ones this year i would have said no And i i would have felt that you know this. Ownership group does at times has shown a little bit of the ivory tower mentality and they keep people at arm's length in favor certain people they don't favor other people but you know As over the last couple of years my opinion is changed greatly and it hasn't just been you know your really need experience along with and many other folks that you are able to partake in a few weeks back with the uniform unveiling guess is that a couple of months ago now god so it's not just that that element you know you. You've established a good relationship with someone within the organization as well and it's given us some some really neat opportunities to interview players on this show and others associated with the team in you know. I think they do give us a you. Know a good level of access as well as a as a fan driven podcast. So you know. I would say over the last couple of years. I've seen a big difference in this in that. Yes they do value. May i do have a little bit of a different perspective. Because i don't live in cincinnati. And i know i don't really have the opportunity i guess it could but i don't really make financial sense for me to do it. Be a season ticket holder. So that element you know. I think that brings a different element is well to folks but i i would say yes but it's been a very recent thing for me it is. It has been a very recent thing and you know. I grew up with the team and for the longest time you know. There's just been that diehard sense you know like all their their my identity either. My favorite team. Yada yada yada than you get older than you realize. They're a team. They have no idea who you are. Personally you can't love something that can't possibly love you back because they don't know who you are but over the past couple of years there has been a sense in a change that you know the bengals kind of realize who they are is organization. They don't have the notoriety of the new england patriots. The dallas cowboys are not worth as much as some of the other More valuable franchises in the sport in all sports they have to leverage whatever assets they have and i think over the past year or two specifically since elizabeth blackburn has gone there they recognize the value their own fans. And i think that they've been trying to elevate those specific voices obviously bengal. Jim comes to mind. The bank lorient and other prominent fans in this fan base in another fans started to recognize that you know like there is a palpable difference. Compared to what would it has been the past three years. Under my brown's ownership like there is a sense that you know. There is an awareness of who the fans.

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