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A decision about your words i i let me say j t has not made a mistake in six episodes i'm i'm getting real lex vander vanenburg vibe from him him from from f from africa yeah but with that being said i'm not gonna give him any points this week because he had confessed that's not where the focus was i also want to bring up lisa who's not going to get any points this week from a she's i'm not present she's playing a perfect game like like j t is she has been you know every of every you know foreign immersion international version american version there's there's a couple of people that don't have to start playing a game till about day twenty or twenty five lisa in that position right now she has she has been dealt the perfect hand she she headed play very little game in chonco and the the old john and she's not having to play in the new trunk l not yet anyway you know yeah yet she she's like she's tickles me helping the fan she is in her little ticks and stuff anyway no points for you but keep up the good work let's see gonna have to give.

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