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Here's Dave Logan with John Elway. You guys are playing better. And you're finding ways to win games down the stretch. He won two games against to really good NFL teams. What have you seen the last couple of weeks that you really liked it that you've said, you know, what? That's that's good enough that we can win some games with if we continue. Well, I mean, I think, you know, especially with the turnovers, obviously, we wind up turnover battle last week four zero and that, you know, that's a huge bonus force right there. So, you know, those little things that were category against us or now can go on with us. And so that that's why it's such a fine line the NFL of what he win or lose. And so we're you know, we're making those plays instead of coming up short. I think those have been the key factors, especially the last two weeks when you when you get to wins like you guys have had. I mean, listen before these two wins. You guys are three and six and we talk every week. And I ask you sort of your feelings on the team. Do do those two wins change dramatically your overall view of of this year? And how the teams played no not really I think that you know, we're just hoping that we're going to be able to put it together, you know, in string a couple of games together play. Well, and and again make those plays that we needed them that we were capable of making hadn't been making it. So, you know, I think that was the big thing. It was a matter of just kind of being patient with and hopefully it would turn around for us. And and. Did you know we could have had three in a row we missed a field goal Houston. And so, you know, we're real close to beaten three real good football teams there and we won the last two. So obviously that doesn't make the season. But it does get it turned around force, and it gives us a chance. And so, you know, again, as is VJ has been mentioning as you know, it is one game at a time. And we got to go to Cincinnati and continued to play like we're planning and hopefully get out of there with a win. I've asked you in the past when we case sort of struggled from time to time about his play. And I think now it's only fair that that I ask you terms of how he is played recently. I it looks to me from an outsider's perspective that he's sort of settled in. And I I'm not sure exactly what that means. But he appears like he's playing more confident and more comfortable and he's played better football as of late. Yeah. You really have to think that. We've seen what he can do especially in the fourth quarter. He's been playing his best is best football in the fourth quarter, which we would you need in this league. And so, you know, I think Dave is just as you know, it didn't get used to comfortable with the system get comfortable with an offensive coordinator getting used to play calling types, although, you know, be able to have communication back and forth where Billy and and they get they get to know case get to know each other a little bit better. So I think we're just seeing the effects of that. And and you know cases, you know, can say who made some great great throws. And did the same thing last week and moving around and making plays for us. You know, you just call them San Diego. Right. I did. I did I'm still not over. They'll probably take me about five years ago. I did it three times in the broadcast. So so don't feel don't feel badly. Let me ask you about. You had a tough had a tough injury. On Sunday lose Jeff fireman for the rest of the year in this was easily his best season at thirty five catches on the year ten in one game against Houston. Looked like he looked to me like a guy that that actually after the catch made made a few plays showed some flashes in terms of his ability. He's coming up now in a contract your free agent year. Have you seen enough of Jeff Harmon in this season? And of course, judging from the past that you you've reached a decision one way or the other terms of what you will do with him. Yeah. I mean, I think that like you said we jets had a real good year this year. And I think that you know, we we like what he's about. And we'd love to have him back next year. We'll have to see our thing works out. But there's no question. He's high on the list of hope that we get back. Now, obviously, you know, the big thing with him. He he's had issues with the injury down. So that is you know, that's the key thing. It's just you know, the thing about this this leagues, you gotta be able to stay healthy. Because you know, it's about it's not necessarily about ability. But it's about the availability. That's right. So, you know, that's the only thing that, you know, when we look at Jeff has had that issue staying healthy. But without also being said, he's really had a, you know, a great year force this year really played well show with the you know, what he's capable of doing last couple of things you gotta game coming up Sunday that you're going on the road your face the team that is struggling for sure they get the same record that that you guys do they'll be playing their backup quarterback. How how in your mind? Would you go about making certain given your situation as a team that you don't overlook the Bengals in this doesn't become what they all like to call a trap game of sorts? Right. You know, what I think, you know, we've talked about and I've talked about a several times with with VJ to and I can't. Always been my philosophy in the fact that it's it's not about who were playing. It's about how we're playing. And so if we concentrate on how we're playing go play continued to play our game be good at what we do. Then enhances our chances to go in there, and and what a football game. But ultimately, you know, Davis we have to really concentrate on that who were playing, but how we are going to play. And then we'd take care of business like that with that mentality. Then you know, we can get hopefully get out of there with a win. Yup. Good enough. We'll see on Sunday, John. Appreciate it. Good luck this week to. Hey, thank you, John. And that's John Elway with our own Dave Logan who will be joining us in studio coming up next. So who's John Elway pulling for their kids went to create heat? Coach creek Jack senior year he was the quarterbacks coach he has to go for creek, Ed McCaffrey caught a bunch of passes from them. They won two Super Bowls. Tyler Columbus was an offensive lineman that helped win Super Bowl. Fifty Brandon Stokely is also on the valor staff. I think he leans creek based on where he lives, but you know, he's got friends related to both programs in its friends whose kids go to both schools. Yeah. I would think he would pull for the school has kids went to think he's wants to see a good game. Maybe. And of course, Jon won't see the game either. Because he'll be on the plane with us going to send text him the updates. Yes, FaceTime, John because you know, his wife I worked on the plane. You just go sit by John up in first class, and then you can watch. So Dave Logan. Will join us.

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