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From workhouse connect in AJ Benza. Vein. He liked to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky. Sex is the guy put the cop and the peacock network. Okay. Bitch, hey, everybody AJ Benza here. Another edition of fame as a bitch. Monday morning may seventh, hey ladies. You never have to try and see image of DJ Colette going down on his wife, performing oral sex on her giving her head. What have you? I can't imagine any of you wanting to visualize that at all. But now that the world famous DJ revealed in an interview that he has never done that for his wife and never will do that because he says, men are kings and kings don't do that. Then call me a raging clean. No seriously. Colleg comments raised a lot of eyebrows, even not slammed a bit in Twitter by the beautiful, outspoken, bisexual, Evan, Rachel wood. She's like, you miss an bro. Plus he's good. And Colette. And the interview said, a woman should praise the man the king. If you hold it down for your woman, I feel like the woman should praise and a man should praise the Queen. But you know, my way of phrasing is called how dinner you like to live in and you like them close you getting. I'm taking care of your family. I'm taking care of my family, you know, putting into work now unite. Not the hard work anyhow, bro. And what's the problem with dining downtown the J. Mike, it was for for guys like me who came up in the seventies and early eighties on the grass was by the ear of the big Bush. We got. Yeah, you got you got to learn on landing strips or at least islands with very little seaweed. If you know what I mean, guys, like maybe the real Trail Blazers, private. I got my stripes out want to say back in nineteen seventy six after me. Debbie Prisco came back from seeing rocky the west Islip theater. Yep. Well, for I think it's the, I think it's the hardcore Muslim faith. He keeps I think in Islam, oral sex between a husband and a wife is no, no, it's considered undesirable mainly because you know, they believe in modesty and purity and cleanliness. The most common argument they say is that the mouth and tongue or only to be used to reciting the Koran sucks. You think with all the times in a day they drop to their knees, they halfway there plus they already carry a carpet around. All you need. Man is the girl. It's a shame getting color. Come on. Any man can screw woman, but a true king gets it done with his mouth. Just do it get an out. You don't have to be kind of linger. I may J Benz. This is famous bitch. So some of you might know. But I've been suspended by Twitter again, happened sometime late Thursday, Thursday night or in the early morning hours of Friday. But you know, Twitter didn't tell me why in the past they've given me the reason they've showed me the tweet, what would cause the damage. They didn't do it this time. So I don't know what the FOX on. I thought it was maybe the way I plugged Fridays podcasts by tweeting new assholes ripped for Corey Feldman, and a colleague as if I'm really gonna, you know, physically rip apart their rectums. That's dumb, but I get. I got letters from people who tell me, bro, you reported because a what you said about Nicole Eggert or you made fun of the blast and they got friends at Twitter. You know, there's so many different people telling me why I've been suspended. A few people even mentioned name is somebody who might be behind me getting tossed. It's very weird. I even asked, I've. Oh and Pinella Pinellas the brains in the social media landscape over here at workouts connect. He's to see what he can do Monday, but this is fucking weird. Man. Normally you get that letter from Twitter, here's we did wrong, but you know, I wrote another Lyra altogether four emails to Twitter gone. Can you please tell me what I did? And then last night I go, they responded good. I'll find out what it was they go upon further review. We decided to terminate your account. So now I have not. I don't know what the fuck happened. I've heard. I've heard the guy who might be behind this. He's got a background and very powerful public relations. And he even rep Harvey Weinstein months ago when when he was desperate for some spin. All the people coming, he wouldn't do that. Matter of fact, the guy even tweeting back and said, I have no idea this happened to you. It wasn't me. I don't know. Somebody even told me. If he's behind the coal Eggert. Surely even this guy can't be okay with what Nicole tweeted Friday night, which was she tweeted out the private information of Scotland, eight Bao's ten year old kid. And then that to me was the the icing on the cake. This chick is just shot, but it's very weird and confusing when you when you try to find out from Twitter, what's going on. I don't know if you guys have been down there, but you get to a certain level, certain layer of Twitter, some of the lower depths and as Dr. shit, I don't fully understand that that goes on down there, but you know what? It's maybe something of a relief because not checking Twitter, every hour or two is a little freeing. So I may or whoever's responsible a big, thank you. But look, you know, it could be that this show is making a fucking difference in rattling cages and making people upset. And all you need is a big friend at Twitter to do some, you know, push few buttons and get rid of people's accounts. It's happened. People on friendly with before really jumped into Twitter, and now that I'm kinda getting into it. Oh boy. I'll how survive that. My five thousand closest friends, but I'll I'll do my best. I'll be putting up a new Twitter and meantime, my Instagram relay AJ bans. If you want contact me or go to Facebook, you wanna give me a tip. You wanna. Tell me what you what you've heard, blah, blah, blah. Go ahead and do that because I do like to talk to people on Twitter from time to time. And actually the last thing I did on Twitter, the other night, a happened upon rose McGowan Twitter page. And I started snooping around because I saw some shit that the friends of her posted. She was in Washington DC going to court on those drug charges. She left drugs in the airplane and she was going down to DC to get indicted actually. So I go to repay JR. I fall on this twenty minute video. She posted of her just walking around this DC hotel room, talking laughing, crying, and I gotta tell you, I got lost in it. It was like seeing a zoo animal in a cage, and then that animal kinda let you indicate

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