Blinkers Off 455: Kentucky Derby, Oaks Early Analysis and Rapid-Fire

Blinkers Off


And we talked about why we were kind of playing against them because you don't typically see them this out of form for that long usually it might take if it does take a race that's it but it just seems like what they've been. It's taking longer in clearly you know they're gonNA be tough. There can be if they continue to run they retire. They're going to be tough because obviously you'll want to play them and they can make you look really stupid because we know their talent is there at least it was there. But obviously. The amazing part about the four star Dave holiday by the way. Pretty good. wire-to-wire, for Todd, pletcher but Was the fact that Chad Brown has like wizard nine years like nine horses in the race were aid in the race he gets four and they finished. They finish off the board I think it was like a through five. Biting talk about nowhere to be found. So I will say for the four star Dave that was that that you know all those races rained off and. It was a pop up shower and we talked about this. There's really not allowed to go off of that race. I would draw a line that race completely I. I'm not sure I play holiday back holiday say back off that race. I really don't and. It takes away from the horse. He really he dug down deep, won that race but really nobody closed in that race at all going he had kind of his own way as well. I don't know I kind of draw a line to that race completely. But yeah, I mean Chad Brown not even hitting the board with four horses Turf Race Saratoga. That's almost unheard of like nine to one odds that yeah, you say a grade one where Saratoga he has four you know basically say half the field yep like you would take whatever odds you give me if you bet that super, which is basically the same as taking no Chad, Brown's in the top four you got more than ninety. Shit Oh yeah. Yeah, I mean ever thought. But no it was a crazy weekend for sure When you when it comes to whether it'd be rushing fall maximum-security horses enter obviously going to make a name Make something to as far as for the Breeders Cup and then the other flipside is Houdini sister Charlie like what do you do with these sources who are young? Breeders. Cup Type Courses So Yeah. So definitely something interesting as we move forward into the beers but before we get into anything else, what's best thing exalted switch gears on us a little bit here I got this. All right and I'm not a reader I'm going to show up to the people. Let's do that. It's called the vapors. Okay and you know this. Amadeus. Boy alone a long ago fan I like one of the Oh gee fans of the, West? Side. Cooled all whenever you Know A guy I consider. I, mean he pray I don't know if he knows who we are anymore but a guy, I consider friend you know I think he's a really good guy. He wrote a book about Hot Springs in the thirties forties, fifties and sixties called the vapors Holy Hell. The good. It is one of the best books I've ever read I'm only. About A third of the way through it 'cause I just got like three days ago. Man, I'm not I don't like to read I. Really don't like to read this book, the vapors the by. It's unbelievable. It's about the mom definitely ruled understand what went down and hot springs. So I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa talk 'cause this is this is all this is a true story like The he about the the like the people that were involved in it and their stories in how it came to be So Gambling was illegal all across the country except for Nevada but in Arkansas the the deal was it's illegal, but each county will enforce it. The state government is not going to enforce it. It's up to each county, and so there was all kinds of corruption to get the right like leaders in hot springs. So they wouldn't like they were opening like they were openly like casinos all down this mainstream there on central avenue illegal and they wouldn't shut him. So, anyway, that's the premise on it. There's all kinds of twists and turns like I said I'm I think I've been like the fifties now. So I've still got a good portion of to go. It's a great book. He's one of those guys that I feel like we visit hot springs or I think we ran into. At the Belmont one here. Yeah. Up in the press. At the justify Belmont. The last time we talked to David. He's such a nice guy who we were up there and he was like the only one that thought because we're up, they're getting in trouble talking too much and he thought he's like, Oh, who cares yeah. Y-. But yeah, he's a good guy. I can't borrow that he after I'm done. For sure what I've done I've I've dislike I don't really have time to read I don't like to read I decide like thirty minutes a day in read it it's really really i. I'll I'll tweet out him out to you because he really deserves. He's great. He's wrote. Some racing stuff I. Think maybe. America's best racing may have had a couple of calls for him. He's a great mayor, but anyway, check out the vapors really good book. I didn't know you could read. So that's All, right. Yeah you. Can read a both even. Pretty big to definitely. Think, book. The words? No No. This is serious. The vapors David. Hill really good book. Go check that out. All right betsy I saw today this I at first it was gonna be i. told the tie. Okay. So I woke up this morning. To seeing I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. CHANGE UP I woke up this morning seeing that mcpeek had made had added

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