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Coli three three eight five two four eight three three eight five two four eight six six yes tom shillue back with the tom shillue show bill here don jamieson is here with my favorite bumpers very rob again to his shoulder length right now now it is almost fully where i used to go after a late night show would go to the all night i hop and you have breakfast at three in the morning i hop changed its name from ihop too i hob last week we talked about it for two days on this show and they kept everyone guessing woods it out you know what the i ha what is it what's it gonna be brunch most people said breakfast that's what i thought they're going to go twenty four hour breakfast came out today international house of burgers okay now this is on the business pages here this is fox business i hop to i hob namechange dumbest move ever brand experts warn i think it is a brilliant move tell me i'm wrong guys well here's what i think i think it's probably the dumbest branding idea since new coke maybe they'll get bill cosby as as a spokesperson i would say new co understand well no but they changed they've gone from pancake do burgers and went from like one lt food choice to another you know what i mean it's hard to put a roof in a burger though now they they have burgers they add them in the past.

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