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And then in the last two minutes same as every basketball game they at the are you could see i i could see it and i could feel it the speed and the intensity whipped through the roof all of a sudden they were elbows were flying and they were trying to get rebounds and they were smashing the bodies and you could just it just felt like a whole nother level yeah that's only time it again any of the rafts with the laugh it's just like like guess at every basketball game where it's like every bad sexual experience some ever the draymond green did you see the clip his reaction to an me i saw it i thought it was really fun i saw alive today because it had it on the track the head is that had that segment was actually on the jumbotron because he was slackjawed staring at her the aca i might have seen that in real time to he was literally slackjawed staring outer and then i think he realize he was on the jumbotron and he looked away and started laughing and everybody started laughing which i gotta go back because she's still singing she's still built i am now anyway c yeah sounds good voice i thought it was just different all right let's talk about uh the olympics are going on the olympic joining the olympics yamulkas luggage comes around every four years the winter olympics them and so it is fund there is pageantry there is cool i don't what am i ever gonna watch biathlon you know i'd never nearer no you didn't watch the clause i do get season tickets to the norwegian biathlon uh and i had to trade amid i just couldn't aircraft.

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