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Never kicked quarterbacks were running back university pat look how many running back we put the. Phone. That's just a terrible call to our south of Athens. Stay down there. There's no way in Georgia they're gonNA lose three games. We're going to feed our families and we're probably eleven so pass. State got up that call totally pissed me off. Coach Dog. But I tell you what I feel better that we did that to you. He was indeed Gab North Carolina a few good afternoon. Hello Paul, how are you today? We are doing great. I'm feeling great. You know I've playing as you know about our golf group about seventy eighty of us and it's forty playing yesterday. Pretty Strong smattering of them were big ten graduates. And they're kind of under their breath in the eastern conference falls on its face like the big ten has. But I have a totally different opinion I think it's GonNa work out. I'm prayerful hopeful of that. And for the record I. Really believe that the East side of the southeastern conference. Is really in a position to make a statement I I don't see a huge difference in any of the four top. Teams in the East. Unlike the way. S. That has Alabama. At one point she had to thank Texas A&M before they got their new schedule, but it's Alabama and the rest of the way. But in the east, you can build a pretty good case for four teams under certain circumstances making a strong statement to win the East it may be a sea change going on Paul because things don't stay the same forever. What you say well, I think this this could be a one-off, but but I think I think. You look at the rankings and you have about. Three or four West teams that are contenders in the top ten or fifteen and two we'll know no lot. I think there's there's another point I really like to make this. I really liked the idea of playing Tan

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